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Packing Our Trunk

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Packing Our Trunk. Second Grade Mrs. O\'Hara\'s Class Lincoln School. We learned about our ancestors. We learned about pioneers and how they traveled. We learned about quilts and how a quilt can tell a story. -Alexis.

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Packing Our


Second Grade

Mrs. O\'Hara\'s Class

Lincoln School


We learned about our ancestors. We learned about pioneers and how they traveled. We learned about quilts and how a quilt can tell a story.-Alexis


We learned pioneers traveled by covered wagon. They had to pack very carefully. They didn’t have much room in the wagons.-Tyler


We imagined that we were pioneers and we could only pack 5 things in our trunk. I packed my teddy bear, clothes, socks, and shoes to protect me from the cold weather and my toothbrush and hairbrush to keep me neat and clean.-TyKia


We learned about the Statue of Liberty and how our ancestors traveled across the ocean in ships. My great, great, great grandpa, Peter Breitbach, came from Germany and had a farm in Balltown.-Jessica


We made a quilt wall hanging. We talked about family traditions. My family’s favorite tradition is opening presents together at Christmas.-Britt


We learned the parts of a quilt, the top, batting, and backing. It’s called a quilt sandwich. My family’s favorite tradition is spending time at our family cabin in Northern Wisconsin.-Jamie


My special blanket is a quilt. It belonged to my neighbor Justin. He had leukemia and died. It is special to me because I think of Justin and the fun we had.- Ben


My special blanket is my baby blanket. It is old because my dad had it. It is special to me because my dad gave it to me.-Sam


We also learned about quilts and how they can tell a story. We shared traditions that are important to our families. We learned that many traditions came from different countries. We talked about our families and talked about how each of us are a very important part of our families.-Hailey


My bunny is my family treasure. He was made out of my grandpa’s shirt. It is important to me because my aunt made it for Christmas when my grandpa died.-Sydney


My family treasure is a hand made necklace. I got it when I lived in the Marshall Islands. My grandmother made this type of necklace. They are made from coconut leaves and shells.-Thomas


My family treasure is a black and white photograph of my Papa Jon when he was 14 years old. It is important to my family because he died 3 years ago. He was a very good Papa Jon.-Luke


The tradition of the Christmas tree started in Germany. It is a sign of endless life, for the branches are evergreen.-Stephanie


Most Irish homes display holly wreathes in the windows along with a lighted candle. The candle is a symbol of welcome to Mary and Joseph.-Thomas


The poinsettia is native to Mexico and was brought to the United States. Because of its red and green leaves it is popular for decorating at Christmas. In the legend of the poinsettia, a little child gives the only gift she can to her church, a handful of green weeds. But by a Christmas miracle the weeds turn into the beautiful red and green plants.- Tara


Jewish families celebrate Hanukkah. They light a candle for 8 days. The candle holder is a Menorah.-Zach


My name is Callie Waterman. I was named after my dad Cale. In our family all of our names start with the letter “C”. My middle name is Mackenzie. It was just a name my mom liked and it worked with my first name. That is how I got my first and middle name.-Callie


My first name Marty, is my dad’s friend’s name. My middle name is Thomas and that is my Grandfather’s name. I am proud to have his name. My last name is Steffen. It is a German name.-Marty


Thank you for watching our slide show!

Mrs. O’Hara’s Second GradeJanuary 2005Lincoln Elementary School