Must know facts about mailing list data card
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Must know facts about mailing list data card

Must Know Facts About MailingList DataCard

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What is an email data card

What Is An Email DataCard?

  • An email data card is an informative documentcontaining:-

  • Totalcounts

  • Count byregion

  • Count byindustry

  • Count bydepartment

  • Count by revenuesize

  • The emailaddress

  • Listname

  • Demographicsdata

  • Pricing

  • Update schedule and manymore…

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How to evaluate an email data card

How To Evaluate An Email DataCard?

  • You should analysis the data card based on your campaignobjective:

  • When was the data lastverified?

  • What are the sources ofdata?

  • Are the contactsopt-in?

  • Are the segments given on the data card relevantfor

  • yourcampaign?

  • Is the data grouped by different emailclients?

  • If you campaign is send to different countries, then get counts based on eachlocation.

  • What fields are given for eachrecord?

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The benefits of email list data cards

The Benefits of Email List DataCards?

  • Data cards give you intelligence that you won’t find in other media planningtools:

  • Eliminates coldcalls

  • Drives warmleads

  • Easytoselectmailinglistsfrom multiple data cardvendors

  • Summarizesthesignificant about a specific mailinglist


  • Timesaving

  • Best suitable option for direct email marketing

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Why should info checkpoint be your preference

Why Should Info CheckPoint Be YourPreference?

  • At Info CheckPoint, our email data cards are comprehensive and contains verified and accurate emaillists:

  • Info CheckPoint’s DataCards

  • Simple,Up-to-Date

  • Quality mailinglists

  • High delivering responserates

  • Counts based on designationlevels

  • Count based ondepartment

  • Count based onregion

  • Count based onindustry

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Do you want increase leads

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