Projectile motion
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Projectile Motion PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Projectile Motion. Linear Motion, Free Fall, and Vectors Combined!. Projectile. Is any object that moves through air or space acted on only by gravity (2 dimensional motion). Projectiles.

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Projectile Motion

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Projectile motion

Projectile Motion

Linear Motion, Free Fall, and Vectors Combined!



  • Is any object that moves through air or space acted on only by gravity (2 dimensional motion)



  • If a bullet is shot out of a gun horizontally and another is dropped from the same height, which will hit the ground first? Why?

Components of projectiles vectors

Components of Projectiles(Vectors!)

  • Horizontal Component (x-direction): no forces, constant velocity, no acceleration

  • Vxo = Vx

  • ax = 0

Components of projectiles vectors1

Components of Projectiles(Vectors!)

  • Vertical Component ( y- direction) : force of gravity, velocity changes, acceleration

  • ay = -9.80m/s2

Components are independent

Components are INDEPENDENT

  • The components do not depend on each other

  • Combined, they form the projectiles path (its TRAJECTORY)

  • Time is the only factor that is the same in both directions

Target practice

Target Practice

  • If I were to shoot at a target, where should I aim?

Components of a projectile s velocity

Components of a projectile’s velocity

  • For a vertically launched projectile, the shape of the trajectory is a parabola:

Did you get it

Did you get it?

  • How do horizontal and vertical motion effect each other in projectile motion?

  • Describe the velocity and acceleration in the x direction.

  • Describe the velocity and acceleration in the y direction.

Solving problems

Solving problems

  • Both horizontal and vertical motions are constant acceleration so the old eq. of motion still apply!

    x-component y- component

  • v= vo + at

  • d= do+vot+1/2 at2

  • v2=v2o + 2a(d-do)

Practice problem

Practice Problem

  • You decide to go cliff jumping and run off a 10.0 m cliff with a horizontal velocity of 1.50 m/s. How far from the bottom of the cliff will you land in the water?

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