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OPTIONAL VAULT 2013. Round-off entry hand placement mat. May be placed on the runway for round-off entry or front handspring onto the board vaults at 8, 9, 10 May NOT be placed on the board Must be manufactured by a gymnastics equipment company Cannot exceed two inches in height

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WTC Symposium 2013

Round-off entry hand placement mat

May be placed on the runway for round-off entry or front handspring onto the board vaults at 8, 9, 10

May NOT be placed on the board

Must be manufactured by a gymnastics equipment company

Cannot exceed two inches in height

It must be used velcro-side down

If the mat slips it is NOT considered equipment failure. It is not a reason to repeat the vault.

Apparatus Specifications

Safety Zone Mat – Groups 4 & 5(Round-Off Entry Vaults)

The use of the Round-off “safety zone “ mat is REQUIRED whenever Round-off entry vaults are performed at JO competitions

Apparatus Specifications

  • Must fit snugly against the board so there is no space between the board & the safety collar mat

  • Failure to use the safety zone mat when performing a round-off entry vault would result in a “0” (VOID) score for the vault

  • Safety Zone Mat

    For vaults from Group 1, 2 & 3

    • May be placed in either direction

    • May have space between the board & the safety zone mat

    Small Chalk Marks

    • Athletic tape, Velcro strips or small chalk marks may be placed across the width of the vault runway, they may not exceed 2 inches in width

      • The markings should be removed no later than at the end of the rotation

    • Use of tape or excessive chalk is not permitted on the vault table or runway0.20

    Touch Warm-up

    • Touch warm-up for vault is not regulated by time

    • Each Level 8, 9 & 10 gymnast is guaranteed three warm-up vaults. Each Level 6 & 7 gymnast is guaranteed two warm-up vaults.

    • Each gymnast is allowed one run-back from the board

    • Each gymnast is allowed to stand on the vault table and jump or salto off one time

    Vault Competition

    • The gymnast is allowed 3 attempts to successfully complete one or both vaults

    • If the gymnast makes contact with the springboard or vaulting table but doesn’t go over, it is considered a vault and is scored as a void vault

    • The hand placement mat and the safety zone mat are not considered part of the vault apparatus

    • If the gymnast falls during her running approach to the vault, but does not contact the board, it is considered a balk and is counted as one of the 3 attempts

    • The Vault number must be flashed at all Optional State level and above competitions.

    • There is no deduction for performing a vault that is different than the vault announced or flashed, provided it is a vault allowed at the specific level of the gymnast.

    • The vault performed determines the Start Value, not the vault number flashed or announced.

    • There is no longer a deduction for not flashing the vault number (or announcing the vault.) Judge does not signal until it is announced or flashed.

    Vault without Signal

    • Performance of a vault without a signal from the Chief Judge

      • Vault is ignored even if both judges see it

      • Gymnast has the opportunity to perform 2 more vaults

      • Chief Judge applies a 0.50 penalty to the average of the next completed vault

    • There is no deduction if the coach, when standing between the board and the vault table, makes contact with the safety zone mat or inadvertently touches the vaulting table

    Landing of Vaults

    All vaults must land on the bottom of the feetfirst. Failing to do so will result in a 0.00 score (void)

    Allowable Vaults

    • Each level (6, 7, 8, 9, 10) has a Specific Value Chart

    • Some vault numbers have been changed, but the values remain the same.

    • If either vault performed by a Level 6, 7, 8 or 9 gymnast is a restricted vault for that level, it is a zero final score. (void)

    Bonus for Vault

    • For Level 10 only, there will be a select group of 10.0 vaults (if performed successfully, without a fall or spot) that will receive a +0.10 BP

    • Vaults eligible for bonus are highlighted on the vault value chart

    • Each judge adds the +0.10 BP to their final score before submitting

    • Must visibly indicate the bonus was awarded

    • All group 5 vaults described as having a 1/1 turn in the first flight phase with a backward salto in the second flight phase may be performed with ¾ to 1/1 LA turn in the first flight phase

    Specific Apparatus Deductions

    Deductions that occur in first and second flight:

    • Incorrect foot form (flexed, sickled) Up to 0.10

    • Legs crossed Up to 0.10

      Deductions that occur only in second flight:

    • Insufficient exactness of LA turn Up to 0.10

    • Under-rotation of salto vaultsUp to 0.10

    What vault is it?

    • The body position demonstrated through the majority of the vault determines which vault has been executed.

    Insufficient Height

    Center ofGravity

    Height deduction up to .50

    To be considered:

    Type of vault

    Hand placement on table

    Size of athlete

    Insufficient Lengthup to .30

    Insufficient Exactness of Body Position

    Insufficient tuck or pike Up to 0.30

    Insufficient stretch position Up to 0.30

    Min. of 90⁰ bend in hips & knees

    min. of 90⁰ bend in hips

    >135⁰ = stretched

    Failure to maintain stretched body – pike down before landing. Up to .30

    WTC Symposium 2013

    Extension (open) of body prior to landing – Tuck and Pike Vaults

    • Insufficient and/or late extension. Up to .25


    Total lack of open .30

    Incorrect BP .20

    Total Deduction .50

    Total absence of extension .30

    Insufficient Dynamics up to .30

    • Define Dynamics in Vaulting –

      • Speed

      • Power

      • BIG

      • Crisp turns

      • Exciting

      • Explosive

    Small movement of feet 0.05 -0.10

    Step 0.10

    Large step 0.20

    (approximately 3 feet or more)

    Max. steps 0.40

    Don’t forget BP errors

    Steps on landing


    LEVELS 6 & 7




    1° - 45°0.05-0.5

    46° - HORIZONTAL0.55--1.0

    WTC Symposium 2013

    The End

    WTC Symposium 2013

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