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Taqwa mark of believer
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Taqwa: Mark of Believer. Middlesex University Thursday 11 Nov 2010 Abdullah Hasan. What is Taqwa?. Waqa [root: و ق ي ] ]

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Taqwa: Mark of Believer

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Taqwa mark of believer

Taqwa: Mark of Believer

Middlesex University

Thursday 11 Nov 2010

Abdullah Hasan

What is taqwa

What is Taqwa?

  • Waqa [root: و ق ي ] ]

  • I waqahuوقاه to preserve ( ھsomething) [LL, HW, LQ]; to take good of ( ھsomething) [LQ, HW]; to be cautious of (something) [LL]; to safeguard, shield, shelter, preserve, protect, keep (ھ ه someone from); to guard (ھ ه someone against); to protect, offer or afford protection (ھ against); to prevent, obviate (ھ a danger) [HW]; to preserve (a thing) against any harm or injury or damage [R]

Definition of taqwa

Definition of Taqwa

  • ‘Following of the commands of Allah the Exalted and avoidance of His prohibitions outwardly and inwardly with a sense of the glorification, reverence, awe and fear of Allah’ 

Imam ghazzali on taqwa

Imam Ghazzali on Taqwa

  • ‘Taqwa in the Quran has three meanings.  First is fear and a sense of awe.  The second includes obedience and worship.  Third is freeing the heart from sins, which is the reality and essence of taqwa.  In summary, taqwa is to guard oneself against the anger of God and His punishment by fulfilling His commandments and abstaining from what He has prohibited.  The reality of taqwa is that your Lord never sees you where He has forbidden you to be, nor does He miss you where He has commanded you to be’

Benefits of taqwa how character building is achieved

Benefits of TAQWA : How character-building is achieved

God-fearing nature

Afterlife Accountability


Taqwa (Self-restraint)





Purification of soul

Taqwa mark of believer

Quran & Taqwa

How many times is Taqwa mentioned in the Qur’an?


Baqra 2

Admonition (وعظ)

Ale-imran 138


Haqa 48

Beneficial (خير)

Nahal 30

Taqwa mark of believer

Taqwa & Character

Avoiding bad deeds

Tauba 108


Fath 26

Worship & Charity

Zariyat 15-19

Limits in revenge

Baqara 194

Means of achieving

Higher GradesMaida 93

Real virtue

Baqra 177

Taqwa mark of believer

Earning & Taqwa



Baqra 278

Ale-imran 130

No fraudulent trade

Sho’ara 179-182

No deceptive dealings

Baqra 188

Only earn halal Rizq

Maida 88

Haram is not equal to halal

Maida 100

Relaxation to Debtors

Baqra 281

Taqwa mark of believer

Taqwa in Social Relations


Hujarat 10

Prohibition of Backbiting etc.

Hujarat 12

Promise keeping

Ale-imran 76

Ethical Behavior

Ahzab 70

No oppression/ aggression

Qasas 83

Positive talk in private discussions

Mujadala 9

Supporting good activities

Maida 2

Enjoining Good, Forbidding Bad

Ale-imran 114-115

Taqwa mark of believer

Taqwa & Jihad

Struggle with

Life & Wealth

Tauba 44


& Unity

Ale-imran 200


Truthful People

Tauba 119

Fight against


Tauba 123

Fighting despite


Ale-imran 172

Help with


Ale-imran 125

Taqwa mark of believer

Scope of Taqwa


Outside the scope

  • Elimination of haram

  • Avoiding doubtful things

  • Avoiding acts leading to breach of hudud Allah

  • Discharge of all rights (Allah, Nafs, parents, spouse, relatives, poor etc.)

  • Imposing hardship on self

  • Remaining un-married

  • Isolation (tark-e-Duniya

  • Not taking benefit from allowable things/acts

  • Continuous Nafl Worships

Taqwa mark of believer








Fruits of









Care of kin

(صلة الرحم)


(تسلیم و رضا)


(حسن المعاملة)

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