Pat toole general manager ibm zenterprise
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Pat Toole General Manager IBM zEnterprise. IBM Project Big Green. The data center continues to face major challenges. Server sprawl & management complexities. High energy consumption. Security & availability exposures. Rising software licensing costs.

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Pat toole general manager ibm zenterprise

Pat Toole

General Manager

IBM zEnterprise

IBM Project Big Green

The data center continues to face major challenges
The data center continues to face major challenges

Server sprawl & management complexities

High energy consumption

Security &




licensing costs

Increasing transaction volatility

High energy consumption

It infrastructure evolution the optimization challenge





IT Infrastructure Evolution: the optimization challenge










A smarter infrastructure

IT Simplification

  • Non-standard hosting offerings

  • Insufficient guidance on application placement & services

  • Applications duplication

  • Idle processing & capacity

  • Standard offering catalog

  • Application and Server Inventory

  • IT services management and Control

  • Cloud Infrastructure

  • DC consolidation/virtualization

Driving it transformation at ibm
Driving ITtransformation at IBM…

Changes in world markets

  • Focus on open technologies and high value solutions for the digital age and beyond

  • Deliver innovation and integration to clients

  • Become the premier Globally Integrated Enterprise

Changes ininformationtechnology

Changes in client needs












Gerstner era

1993 - 2002

Palmisano era

2003 - 2011

Rometty era


IBM Project Big Green

Creation of the Green Data Center

Unlock newIT efficiencies to make more resources available to fund investments & growth

Consolidate and optimize to dramatically reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

Improve efficiency of migrations while reducing requirementfor migration

Enhance protection against new security risk

Strategic Growth Sites

Strategic Special Purpose

Strategic Special Purpose – DR site

IBM Project Big Green

155 Data Center consolidation to optimize hosting resources throughout the world

Reduce energy demands, software and systems support costs

Enable virtualization capability

Consolidation of 15,000+ Servers worldwide

IBM Project Big Green

How we did it

  • Analyzed each platform to determine the right default platform

  • Analyzed each workload to determine best fit platform

  • Consolidated workloads and systems utilizing zEnterprise and Linux for best cost efficiency

  • Created centralized and integrated management system

  • Leveraged Cloud to share resources, rapid scaling & self-service

Why IBM zEnterprise and Linux?

zEnterprise and Linux = the ideal enterprise private cloud

Centralized management with thousands of virtualized servers in one system

Integrationof workloads with built-insecurity, availability & disaster recovery

Opportunities for cost reduction through consolidation of distributed workloads (Software licensing, floor space, energy consumption)

Analytics on zEnterprise has provided more than $20M savingsandhas provided over $300 millionof business value over 5 years

TCO Comparison for Similar Distributed Workload vs: System z Linux resultsin 60-75% Cross Cost Savings / 5 years

Why IBM zEnterprise and Linux?

Why IBM zEnterprise and Linux? Linux results

z + Linux redefinesIT economics



Z delivers it efficiency and innovations for clients
z Delivers IT efficiency and innovations for clients Linux results

  • 80 percent reduction in environmental costs including power, cooling and floor space

Saved $46 million through consolidation

Avoids USD $1.5 million per year in energy costs

  • private cloud on IBM System z enables speed, reliability and efficiency of services it offers to Sicoob members

Avoidedmulti-million dollar data center expansion

  • Unmatched scalability with 24X more scale than x86 and up to 100,000 virtual servers

IBM Project Big Green Linux results

The Impact

Average migration: 200 days, $43K per server to 90 days, $12K per server

Retired servers (server subset): 25% of servers to 42% of servers

$1.75B IT savings since 2005

80% energy cost savings and 85% floor space reduction

16,000 applications to 3800

Strategic Growth Sites Linux results

Strategic Special Purpose

Strategic Special Purpose – DR site

IBM Project Big Green

Consolidated 155 datacenters to 3 Strategic Growth datacenters

10,000+ servers consolidated since 2008

Driving environmental savings Linux results

Total servers consolidated to date

over 10,000+

Servers consolidated 2012 alone


Energy savings

>30k MWh per year

Reduction in floor space

103,000 square feet

Recognized as Industry Leader

Awarded $1.6M in energy efficiencyincentives for its work in the states of New York and Colorado

Reduction of TCO Linux results

Highest TCO savings with Linux on zEnterprise >70%

Average utilization increased from <10% to 60% (greater than 90% on z)

Average reduction in TCO of 70%

Total cost take-out across 6,500 migrations is ~ $50M

Total cumulative savings project to date ~$100M IT savings since 2008

Highest average TCO savings achieved with migrations from UNIX to Linux on z~Nearly $10,000 per server per year

Optimized workload deployment Linux results

Average utilization of System z production servers is >70%

System z delivers the highest ROIandbiggest reduction in TCO of any target platform - 60% of total cumulative savings

Migrations to System z reduce labor requirements by 50%, freeing up resources for new services

Pacing towards to the Enterprise Hosting Services Linux results



  • Global Hosting Options (GHO): a base hardware / operating system service (not an offering) providing virtualized AIX capacity on System p – never full deployed as a global service

1990’s – 2012 – Offerings focused on technology

  • Web

  • SAP

  • Domino

  • MVS

  • Global Storage Architecture (GSA) : official offering for all shared file system, Storage Area Network, and backup/TSM needs. GSA-file provides basic HTTP application capabilities.

  • Common Development & Test (CDT) : offering for test/development needs associated with GWA, expanded to included AHE in 2004 (located in Toronto).

  • Innovation Hosting Environment (IHE) : IBM CIO subsidized (free) hosting for early adopter / proof-of-technology efforts/applications. Not run or hosted by IGA or ITD.



  • Out-of-profile (OOP) – not an offering, label applied to “everything else” .ie CHS, Events, SWE, DHE, DST, etc

  • Simplified Service Catalog – Service Packages, Flexible self service options

  • Hardening Core Infrastructure Services, data centre and resources consolidation



  • Entry Level Hosting (ELH): India based hosting for in country focused simple appsbased on AHE/GHO architectures


  • Application Hosting Environment (AHE) : and end-to-end hosting offering for web applications - originally built as future base “on demand” offering, intended to sunset GWA

  • zLinux (aka GHOz): a base hardware/operating system service providing the “distributed” Linux operating system on “mainframe” / System z hardware


  • SAP : offering for all SAP application service needs


  • Global Web Architecture(GWA) :original hosting offering for web applications – being sunset/replaced by AHE



  • Global Notes Architecture(GNA): hosting offering for pure notes client applications


  • Host Z(OS/Z VM): offering for all pure “host”/mainframe needs

Leverage ibm experience and capabilities to accelerate value and innovation
Leverage IBM experience and capabilities to accelerate value and innovation

Reduce TCO to decrease cost of new and existing IT operations

Reduceenergy, software and system support costs

Speed deployment of resources for accelerated and efficient service delivery

Leverage IBM migration methods and experience to reduce cost and complexity of workload migrations

20 and innovation