Envision and create your ideal 2013 and beyond
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Envision and Create Your Ideal 2013 and Beyond! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Envision and Create Your Ideal 2013 and Beyond!. It starts with your goals and your vision. Why set goals? Used by : Top level athletes Successful business people Achievers in all fields Setting Goals gives you long-term Vision and short-term Motivation. First Find your Vision.

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Envision and Create Your Ideal 2013 and Beyond!

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Envision and Create Your Ideal 2013 and Beyond!

It starts with your goals and your vision

Why set goals?

Used by :

  • Top level athletes

  • Successful business people

  • Achievers in all fields

    Setting Goals gives you long-term Vision

    and short-term Motivation

First Find your Vision

Start with the end in mind

Answer this question:

If you woke up tomorrow morning and everything in your life was exactly as you dreamed it would be, what would that look like?

**Write it down - be specific and detailed **

Setting Your Goals

  • Pick goals that will actually make you happy

  • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic goals: Make the Material goal a byproduct

  • Create a clear picture of what your goal looks like.

  • A goal is something you want to CREATE, not something you want to eliminate!

SMART Goals:

  • S- pecific:Get clear on who, what, where, why, when, etc

    • M- easurable: E.g., Instead of saying you want to have more energy, say that you want to be able to walk eighteen holes of golf carrying a bag, without being short of breath.

    • A- chievable: One that will stretch you slightly so you know it requires a real commitment on your part.

  • R- ealistic / relevant / rewarding: Make it challenging but posssible (Don’t put too much pressure on yourself).

  • T- ime Oriented: Set a time for accomplishing your goal.

    • Both Long and Short range goals

    • Set Dates and Times

      e.g., walk 30min. M. W. F. @6am

      e.g., lose 5lbs in 10 days 1/14/12

Writing Down Your Goals:

  • This is the MOST important step in goal setting!!

  • Write down each goal you want to reachand WHY you want to reach it.

    Remember; its YOUR choice, based on YOUR desire for optimal health and an optimal life.

  • FOCUS on what you want… we move toward what we have our attention on & OUR goals should always be POSITIVE

  • You will go where you’re focused, and the process of writing goals gets you focused.

    If you ever rode a bicycle up a hill and saw a small rock in your path, you most likely told yourself mentally, “I’m going to miss that rock”.

    Did you miss it?

    you went where you were focused. This truth applies to work, home, and every aspect of life!

When Was The Last Time You Wrote Down Your Goals?

  • If you can’t remember, or if you’ve never written down your goals, today is a good day start..

How To Get To Work:

  • Start by writing down your answer to the “miracle question”

  • This is going to jump start your “accomplishment thinking” mode.

  • Don’t skip this simple exercise, it activates your big-picture thinking.

  • Now brainstorm!

  • Imagine yourself 5-10 years from now, and list 50 things you’d like to have achieved. Don’t be afraid to dream big!

  • Now, write down 1, 3, 5 or 10 next to each one. These represent the number of years to achieve these.

  • Once that’s done, go to the 1-year goals and circle the 5 that energize you the most!

  • Very important, you must write out WHY each of these 5 is important to you.

  • Also write down HOW you are going to get there. If your goal is lose 50 pounds, write down your WHY (to play with grandkids) and your HOW (following the 5 and 1 and keep connected to my health coach!).

  • Its important to navigate your “why’s” and the “how’s”.

  • It is also a great idea to write out 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month goals (even 1 week if you need to).

  • Small incremental goals give you more successes and confidence.

  • Once you achieve a goal take time to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from it. Let your rewards be something you really want other than food.

Goals and Structural Tension!

  • These goals are the key to keeping you on track as you perform the actions needed to reach them.

  • They’ll guide all your choices, because they support what YOU really want in YOUR life.

  • See Dr. A’s Habits of Health and work with your Health Coach to gain further help in setting goals and creating a STC

2 Different Mindsets

  • Fixed Mindset: Implies that people can’t change. In turn, we’re really hard on ourselves and everything we do is a measure of if we’re a “good enough” human being.

  • Growth Mindset: Implies that we can change (which is TRUE!). We know we’re going to make mistakes and fall short yet we still go for it. The process becomes more playful and life becomes an experiment.

    Give yourself some GRACE and go for GROWTH!!

Tips for Success!

  • Shoot for incremental growth

  • Stretch yourself (great things happen when we push ourselves)

  • Take Action – goals don’t work unless YOU do!

  • Focus on consistency with the fundamentals

  • Have a very clear vision of what it is you want (do a dream board)

“Vague goals lead to blurry results”-Robin Sharma

When You're Not Feelin’ It!

  • Don’t ruminate.. break the pattern:

    • Go for a walk

    • Take a warm bath

    • Call a friend

    • Play with your kids or pets

    • Do some Yoga

      Make your own list of feel good things you can do and print or put them in your phone so you are ready when you hit a bump


  • Celebrate where you are at and how far you have come…

  • Find one think every day to be grateful for!!!

    Remember creating our optimal life is a journey!

Most Important…

Let’s remember our #1 Goal

  • To be happier and healthier than we’ve ever been before in 2013



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