Robotic Refueling Mission Overview
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Presented to the Future In-Space Operations Working Group August 3, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Robotic Refueling Mission Overview. Presented to the Future In-Space Operations Working Group August 3, 2011. Ben Reed, Deputy Project Manager | Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office

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Robotic Refueling Mission Overview

Presented to the Future In-Space Operations Working Group

August 3, 2011

Ben Reed, Deputy Project Manager | Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office

[email protected] | 301.286.4755 | NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center |

Ssco programmatic objectives l.jpg
SSCO Programmatic Objectives

The Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center is committed to:

  • Advancing the state of robotic servicing technology to enable the routine servicing of satellites that were not designed with servicing in mind.

  • Positioning the U.S. to be the global leader in in-space repair, maintenance and satellite disposal.

  • Helping to enable a future U.S. industry for the servicing of satellites.

Rrm positioned on elc4 l.jpg
RRM positioned on ELC4)

Robotic refueling payload overview l.jpg

Robotic Refueling - Payload Overview

Spare Task Board Stowage Location

Circular Demo

Electrical Connector

Coolant Valve Panel (CVP)

Multi-Function Tool (MFT) ToolAdapter Receptacles (4x)

  • EVR Nozzle Tool (ENT)

  • Interfaces:

  • FTS Plumbed Valves (2x)

  • “Dummy” Valve

  • ENT Quick Disconnect Tips (2x)

Cap Receptacles

(Tertiary [x3] & Safety)

Task Board 2

Tool Stowage Bench:

Supports the four tool complement

Task Board 1

Tool Stowage System Launch Lock & Override


Flexible Hose Management System Launch Lock

Robotic refueling tools wct ent sct l.jpg
Robotic Refueling ToolsWCT, ENT & SCT

MLI/Wire Cutter Tool

Safety Cap Tool

EVR Nozzle Tool

Refueling and coolant valve panel tasks tool and adapters l.jpg

Refueling and Coolant Valve Panel TasksTool and Adapters

Multi-Function Tool

Tertiary Cap Adapter

T-Valve Adapter

Ambient Cap Adapter

Plug Manipulator Adapter

Rrm tools task assignments mft ent sct wct l.jpg
RRM Tools - Task AssignmentsMFT, ENT SCT & WCT

Multi-Function Tool

EVR Nozzle Tool

Safety Cap Tool

Coolant Valve Panel

Fill/Drain Valve


#10 Screw

Ambient Cap



Tertiary Cap

Safety Cap

Actuation Nut

MLI Manipulation

Taping Cutting

MLI/Wire Cutter Tool

Overview task board 1 tb1 l.jpg
OverviewTask Board 1 (TB1)

  • FDV-1: Tertiary Cap Only (no wire)

  • Actuation Nut (no wire)

  • FDV-3: Safety Cap Only (no wire)

  • Actuation Nut (no wire)

  • Fastener Block – 2 captive, 4 in cage

  • SMA Adapter Stowage

  • Magnet Catch Plate for TB2 TPP MLI

  • SMA Map Decal

  • Marmon Clamp Section on Black/Gold Kapton Background

  • Mini Test Port Panel with

  • 9 SMA caps

  • Torque Set Adapter Stowage

Overview task board 2 tb2 l.jpg
OverviewTask Board 2 (TB2)

  • FDV-4: Safety Cap Only (wired)

  • Actuation Nut (wired)

  • FDV-2: Tertiary Cap Only (wired)

  • Actuation Nut (wired)

  • Test Port Panel MLI Cover

  • Explosive Bolt Flange

  • HST Door Latch

  • HST J-Hook onSilver Teflon

Looking forward l.jpg
Looking forward

  • RRM helps us develop the tools, technologies and techniques for dexterous robotic on-orbit servicing.

  • Argon is our ground-based autonomous rendezvous and capture demonstration.

  • RRM and Argon are both required technologies for a free-flying robotic servicing mission.

  • We are studying such a mission, but that is a topic for another presentation…..

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Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office

Twitter: NASA_SatServ

Facebook: NASA’s Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office