touchpoint survey analysis using data to grow national board certification
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Touchpoint Survey Analysis Using Data to Grow National Board Certification

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Touchpoint Survey Analysis Using Data to Grow National Board Certification - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Touchpoint Survey Analysis Using Data to Grow National Board Certification. National Board Touchpoint Survey Results Purpose & Methodology.

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national board touchpoint survey results purpose methodology
National Board Touchpoint Survey ResultsPurpose & Methodology
  • 88 Different Organizations across the country maintain their NB systems using Touchpoint, many more should be equipped with the data in order to embed the National Board program into their education systems.
  • Data is key to running a successful National Board Support System
    • Facilitation and Verification of Third-Party Payers (Candidates)
    • Verification of Candidacy and/or Certification for Incentives (Candidates and NBCTs)
    • Verification of Candidacy and/or Certification for Legislative Policy Design and Implementation (Candidates and NBCTs)
    • Connection of Candidates to Support Programs (Candidates)
  • A 15-20 minute Survey (sent to all Touchpoint users) & 5 Phone Interviews (with the largest programs) were aggregated for this presentation.
national board touchpoint survey results survey participants
National Board TouchpointSurvey ResultsSurvey Participants

Total Survey Emails Sent: 100+

Total Completed Surveys: 31

Total States Represented: 25

93% of respondents work on National Board in a statewide


Nearly 50% of respondents supported more than 100 candidates in the last cycle.

More than 30% spend more than $250,000.00 on their NB programs and 6 respondents spend more than 1 million annually.

national board touchpoint survey results candidate and nbct data use
National Board Touchpoint Survey ResultsCandidate and NBCT Data Use
  • Nearly 75% of respondents use Touchpoint on a quarterly, monthly or daily basis to support their National Board program.
  • In the larger support programs (interviews), the need for “frequent” and “in the moment” access is critical.
  • 96% of respondents said that it was either “very important” (71%) or “somewhat important” (25%) to have on-demand access to NBCT and/or candidate data.
national board touchpoint survey results nbct and candidate data integrity
National Board Touchpoint Survey ResultsNBCT and Candidate Data Integrity

High Level: Data is used for high stakes decisions such as stipends/bonuses, candidate fee support or teacher certification.

Adequate Level: Data is used for lower stakes decisions such as professional development verification.

Low Level: Data is not used for any high stakes decisions.

national board touchpoint survey results future data needs
National Board Touchpoint Survey ResultsFuture Data Needs

90% of Respondents ranked downloadable/ on-demand excel spreadsheets as the #1 way to access candidate and NBCT data.

national board touchpoint survey results open ended feedback
National Board Touchpoint Survey ResultsOpen-ended feedback
  • “The more information that can be placed on TouchPoint the better. I always feel bad when we have to submit in-depth data requests.”
  • “The preference would be for all reports/data to be available, by state, on Touchpoint. That way we do not have to email customer service representatives to get specific reports. Sometimes we need the information in the reports immediately, and so having to wait a week or so at a time to get the information causes problems on our end.”
  • “On-demand access to candidate and NBCT data is essential in my work to support the National Board movement as one of Washington\'s state partners. Data sharing agreements with states and other entities would help NBPTS to maintain more accurate NBCT data over time.”
the future of national board depends on our state and district partnerships
The Future of National Board depends on our State and District Partnerships

In the new vision of the National Board, the relationship with state departments of education, unions, district leadership and policy makers is both important and pivotal in making the policy constructs operational. These data needs may seem mundane at the 30,000 foot level, but to our stakeholders (NBCTs, teachers, policymakers) at the state and local levels; they are essential.