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Slides 0107 06


Slides 0107 06

INTEL Upside Down/Post-Andy: Beyond speed to “platforms” of microprocessors & software that encompass new technologies & devices (sounds like “gamechanging solutions” to me) /Marketing & Ethnographers = Engineers/De-centralize/Re-branding “Intel Inside” to “Leap Ahead”/Crappy food to good food/Paul OtelliniSource: BW Cover Story, “Intel Inside Out :How It’s Shaking Off the Andy Grove Era,” 0109.06

Tem p o 70 10 boyd o o d a loops

Tempo!*70-10*Boyd/O.O.D.A. Loops

Slides 0107 06

70-10/Nebraska/Unk QB 643 yards K.State/ Linemen spread wide/All legals go out for pass/Defenders confused & tire(Boyd/Tempo is not speed/“Re-arrange the mind of the enemy”—T.E. Lawrence)/“By changing the geometry of the game, and pushing the limits of space and time on the gridiron, Mike Leach is taking Texas Tech to some far out places.” —Michael Lewis (NY Times Magazine, 12.04.05/Mike Leach/ Texas Tech/ Mike Leach/Texas Tech

Slides 0107 06

“Explode through the hole. Don’t be timid. If you’re going to make a mistake, make it at full speed.”—Charlie Weis, Notre Dame

Duh more hotels try to offer what women want headline usa today 11 08 05

Duh!“More Hotels Try to Offer What Women Want”—Headline, USA Today, 11.08.05

Slides 0107 06

Duh!“One of These 32-inch Flat-panel LCD Televisions Is Specifically Designed for Women: Manufacturers Turn to Designs that Appeal to Both Sexes”—Headline, Boston Globe, 1121.05

Slides 0107 06

“No Need for Economies of Scale: Illinois Tool Revs Up Innovation by Keeping Its 655 Units Separate and Focused”—Headline, BW, 1031.05 (“commodity” producer; R&D = 1%; Top 100 patent recipient—66th in ’04) ($12B rev in ’04; CEO David Speer: 80/20, focus, lean, customer intimacy, more entrepreneurial, employee participation)

Slides 0107 06

Lousy industry … Specialty (Ignored/No competition) … Smaller than competitors4 Traits: Sweet spot … Agility … Discipline … FocusSource: Alfred Marcus, Big Winners and Big Losers: The 4 Secrets of Long-term Business and Failure

Slides 0107 06

“The slumping giant needs to put more pep in its funds. … But size remains a handicap.”—Fortune on Fidelity Magellan/1128.05 (“There’s a practical limitation to running a fund of that size.”—Chris Traulsen, analyst, Morningstar)

Slides 0107 06

“Hedge funds are leading a demand for companies to sharpen their focus or break themselves up.”—Headline, Financial Times, 1028.05

Slides 0107 06

“Beijing Rushes to Build World-class Universities”—Headline, International Herald Tribune, 1028.05**Headline, same day: “China Bank Becomes a Giant Worth 470 Billion”

Slides 0107 06

THE CUSTOMER IS GOD AND THE MARKET DECIDES EVERYTHINGSource: Banner, Hua Xin Dress Co, Ltd., Rongcheng Industry Zone

Slides 0107 06

“When I climb Mount Rainier I face less risk of death than I’ll face on the operating table.”—Don Berwick, “Six Keys to Safer Hospitals: A Set of Simple Precautions Could Prevent 100,000 Needless Deaths Every Year,” Newsweek (1212.2005)

Slides 0107 06

“Disclosure of Medical Mistakes Is Sought: State Legislator Wants Hospitals to Forfeit Fees”—Headline, Boston Globe (1105.05)

Slides 0107 06

The Trusted Advisor: David Maister, Charles Green, Robert Galford …Four Types of Relationship:Service Offering-based, Needs-based, Relationship-based, Trust-basedClient-Advisor Relationship:Subject matter or Process expert, Subject matter expert plus affiliated field, Valuable Resource, Trusted Advisor

Psf damn it

PSF, damn it!

Slides 0107 06

“There are people who prefer to say ‘Yes,’ and there are people who prefer to say ‘No.’ Those who say ‘Yes’ are rewarded by the adventures they have, and those who say ‘No’ are rewarded by the safety they attain.”—Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up, Patricia Ryan Madson (“ … yes I said yes I will Yes.”—James Joyce, Ulysses)

Slides 0107 06

Just One Question!“How likely are you to recommend [company/service] to a friend or colleague?”/ “Net promoter score”—Fred Reichheld (Ad Age, 11.2005)

Excellence the basics 1982 2005 tom peters 0106 2006

Excellence!The Basics, 1982-2005Tom Peters/0106.2006

Slides 0107 06

Excellence1982: The Bedrock “Eight Basics”

1. A Bias for Action

2. Close to the Customer

3. Autonomy and Entrepreneurship

4. Productivity Through People

5. Hands On, Value-Driven

6. Stick to the Knitting

7. Simple Form, Lean Staff

8. Simultaneous Loose-Tight Properties”

Slides 0107 06

What is In Search of Excellence all about*:People. Emotion. Engagement. Empowerment. Caring.*from “Working master” PP Presentation/Leadership chapter/12.14.2005

Slides 0107 06

  • Excellence2005: The Bedrock Baker’s Dozen

  • 1. A Bias For Action Is Job One!(Construct a Discipline/Culture of EXECUTION!)

  • 2. DECENTRALIZATION! ACCOUNTABILITY!(Tom’s “Top Two”, 1965-2005.)

  • 3. Fail. Forward. Fast.(“Reward Excellent Failures, Punish Mediocre Successes.”)

  • 4. “Metabolic Management” Matters!(Hustle! Adapt! EAT CHANGE! Win the

  • “O.O.D.A. Loop” War—Confuse Your Competitors!)

  • 5. INNOVATE or Die.(“Game-changers” or Bust! Lead the Customer! Just Shout “NO” to Immitation!)

  • 6. A Damn Good Product.(Pursue “Dramatic Difference.”)

  • 7. A Damn Cool Product.(Design Rules!)

  • 8. Ride the Value Added Curve to the Sky!(Sell “GamechangerSolutions”; Provide “Scintillating

  • Experiences”; Become a “Dream Merchant”; Strive to Be a “Lovemark.”)

  • 9. Relentlessly Pursue the “Big Two” Markets.(WOMEN Buy Everything

  • BOOMERS & GEEZERS Have All the Money!)

  • 10. Best “Talent”/Roster Wins! (HR Rules! Everyone a Leader! Women Lead Best!

  • “Weird” Matters Most! A Workplace to Brag About! Educate for Creativity!)

  • 11. Wanted/Demanded: Radical Technology Strategies!(“Incrementalism” Is for Wimps!)

  • 12. Hard Is Soft! Soft Is Hard!(People! Passion! Enthusiasm! Wow! INTEGRITY! TRUST!

  • Good Citizenship.)

  • 13. Accept No Less Than EXCELLENCE!(Excellence, Pursuit thereof, Is the #1 Thing That Vaults Us Out of Bed in the Morning)

Slides 0107 06

Re-imagine! Speech: Story Line in 100 Words or Less

Tom Peters/0106.2006

Slides 0107 06

  • Re-imagine! Speech: Story Line in 100 Words or Less

  • 1. Wildly altered context (technology, China-India, global terrorism, etc)

  • Only answer: adaptive skills and bold-breathtaking innovation

  • (top-line focus rather than cost-cutting focus)

  • 3. Race way, way up the value-added curve (implemented “game-altering solutions” rather than “services,” “experiences” rather than “transactions,” and much more)

  • 4. As part of value-added exercise, pursue Ripe & Enormous “new” markets—Women, Boomers & Geezers

  • 5. Radical (!!!) use of IS-IT

  • A “Roster” of Weird & Wondrous & Entrepreneurial “Talent” engaged

  • in “Wow Projects”

  • “Metabolic Leadership” (Passionate-Radical Leaders who instill a Discipline of Execution, a Quick Tempo-Adaptive Culture and

  • an appetite to “Eat Radical Change for Breakfast”)

  • (96 words by my count)

You your calendar calendars never lie

You = Your calendar**Calendars NEVER lie!!

The healthcare27

The Healthcare27

Slides 0107 06


1. Fully utilize Physician’s Assistants to do routine work in a timely fashion. (“Doc in a Kiosk” at Wal*Mart is great!)

2. Maximize Outpatient services!

3. Short hospital stays work!

4. Support home care to the max. (E.g., “Declaration of Independents”—Beacon Hill/Boston)

5. STOP THE 100K+ NEEDLESS DEATHS—much/most of the “quality stuff” is eminently fixable. (Don Berwick for President! AHA for Hall of Shame!) (Strong, vicious insurer incentives!!!)

6. FLIP HC 177 DEGREES TO EMPHASIZE PREVENTION & WELLNESS. (“Steps” are being taken but not enough. Med schools: Awful! Insurers: Little better. Support for appropriate-proven alternative therapies is an important part.) (HUGE INCENTIVES FOR EFFECTIVE WELLNESS-PREVENTION PROGRAMS-MEASURABLE SUCCESSES.)

Slides 0107 06


7. “Boomers” will determine HC’s (very different?) future. (They are from a different & demanding planet compared to yesterday’s Oldsters.)

8. “Focus on Women.” (It’s my generic—and correct—rallying cry, and it applies to HC in spades, women-as-patients-with different-woes-than-men; women-as-HC decision makers at the “consumer”—and commercial—level.)

9. “Patient/Consumer-driven” may be a buzz phrase bandied about all to easily … but it is true. (And changes the game.)

10. Reduce incentives for unnecessary tests. (Malpractice caps would help, though the issue is complex. Insurers-HMOs doing so-so on this.)

11. OUTCOME-BASED MEDICINE IS A MUST! (There is a long, long way to go!) (Measure until you’re blue in the face!)

12. Science-based medicine is a terrific idea!! (Many “therapies” unproven scientifically, uneven in application when proven.)

Slides 0107 06


13. Over the next 5-25 years, the Life Sciences Revolution will make the likes of the “info revolution” look like small beer. (Get ready.)

14. Radical increase in “best practices” utilization—inculcate in Med school!

15. school “revolution” imperative—outcome-based medicine, abiding emphasis on Wellness & Prevention, etc.

16. Get info to Patients! (HIPAA mostly good.—“I wanna see my records!”) (Detailed hospital-by-hospital, disease-by-disease, doc-by-doc success records a must despite controversy.)

17. Upgrade IS-IT in the entire system, starting with acute-care institutions. (Current grade: D-.) (Winners include: Indiana Heart Hospital; Inova Fairfax Heart Institute.)

18. Healtheon WebMD-like (if it had worked) mega-, integrated-info network will-should emerge. (A healthcare Google+?)


Slides 0107 06


20. By hook or by crook, something approximating basic universal care, starting with kids—50 state partial experiments is a help; some are quite far along. (“Market-based” as much as possible—but this is far from a “perfect market.”)

21. Deal with the enormous HMO “I want my doc” perception problem. (Fact: MARCUS WELBY, STATISTICALLY, AIN’T THAT GREAT A HEALER IN TODAY’S “HIGH SCIENCE” WORLD! Incidentally, same perception problem re Congress, schools. “My Congressman is great, Congress has 434 other crook-clowns.” “My kids’ school is good, the system is awful.”)

22. Blitzkrieg of Patient/Customer/Citizen education (eg re “outcomes-based HC”; “Get the most for your HC dollar”). (Corporate cuts should motivate this.)

23. “Healing-centric” care supported. (E.g., Planetree model—reduces future problems.)

24. Emphasize front-to-back “customer care” practices—cuts waaaaay down on malpractice claims among other things.

Slides 0107 06


25. Specialization in acute care works wonders, regardless of howls! (E.g., Shouldice/hernia repair.)

26.Shorten the FDA approval process. (Tom, age 63, wants the good new stuff and will accept associated risk; so will most boomers-geezers.)


Slides 0107 06

THE LEADING EDGE IS RAZR-THIN: Motorola’s Cool Phone Has Samsung and Other Rivals in Hot Pursuit—Headline, BW, 1205.05

Slides 0107 06

“This [adolescent] incident [of getting from point A to point B] is notable not only because it underlines Grant’s fearless horsemanship and his determination, but also it is the first known example of a very important peculiarity of his character: Grant had an extreme, almost phobic dislike of turning back and retracing his steps. If he set out for somewhere, he would get there somehow, whatever the difficulties that lay in his way. This idiosyncrasy would turn out to be one the factors that made him such a formidable general. Grant would always, always press on—turning back was not an option for him.” —Michael Korda, Ulysses Grant

Slides 0107 06


“States Rush to Lure Wealthy Retirees.” Start: “The senior sweepstakes kicks into high gear this weekend as the first baby boomers turn 60 and states, cities and

small towns mount ad campaigns to attract up-and-coming retirees and their spending power.” —Headline, AOL News,12.31.05

“Developing Nations Lure Retirees, Raising

Idea of ‘Outsourcing”’Boomers’ Golden

Years”—Headline, WSJ, 11.14.05

Slides 0107 06


“US Airways Group eliminated health coverage for 28,000 employees and 10,800 retirees late last year. But the financially ailing airline had already guaranteed departing CEO David Siegel and his family medical coverage for life.” —Wall Street Journal,

p1, Section B, 1219.2005

Slides 0107 06

“TV is not dead, but if you’re going to do TV, you have to create stuff that people seek out. Just because you buy 30 seconds doesn’t mean you’ll have an impact. You have to do something


with it.” —David Lubars, Creative Director, BBDO

(USA Today/1219.2005)

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