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During times of war
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During Times of War….

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During Times of War…

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During times of war

During Times of War…

“It is easy to see other races as "savages" to whom normal rules do not apply. Hence American troops in the second world war committed more atrocities in the Asian theatre than in Europe, and British troops in colonial conflicts ripped up Geneva conventions in a way that never happened when war was on our own continent. Even American Quakers just prior to the civil war in the 1850s justified violence against southerners on the grounds that slave-holding made them subhuman.

What has happened in Afghanistan and Iraq has its antecedents in Vietnam and the Philippines, and in Kenya, Bosnia, Sri Lanka and countless other places where racial differentiation leads to wartime atrocities that never happen in more ethnically similar internecine conflicts.”

Writing prompt

Writing Prompt

Night/Schindler’s List

Thesis statement

Thesis Statement:

  • Create a thesis statement that attempts to explain the reasons the Nazis dehumanized the Jews.

  • You should show three different ways Jews were dehumanized while attempting to explain why this was done.

  • The final copy of your five paragraph essay is due Tuesday, March 12.

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