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Unit 10 Review--Probability

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Unit 10 Review--Probability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 10 Review--Probability. Draw a spinner with equal sections of Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. If the spinner was spun 20 times, how many times would you expect it to land on Red? A. 4 times B. 8 times C. 5 times D. 10 times. C. 5 times.

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Draw a spinner with equal sections of Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. If the spinner was spun 20 times, how many times would you expect it to land on Red?A. 4 timesB. 8 timesC. 5 times D. 10 times


Mindy goes to a local bakery to purchase cupcakes for a birthday party. If she chooses chocolate cupcakes she has a choice of fudge or vanilla frosting. If she chooses marble cupcakes she has a choice of lemon or cream cheese frosting. Draw a diagram to show the possible combinations.


Jill surveyed 80 students to find their favorite foods. What decimal represents the probability that cheeseburgers are a students favorite food?

Ms. Bee has a gold coin. If she tosses the coin 400 times, how many times can she expect the coin to land on heads?

An art project has four circles for every two squares. Which ratio is an equivalent ratio of circles to squares?A. 3 circles for every 2 squaresB. 8 squares for every 6 circlesC. 16 circles for every 8 squares D. 12 circles for every 10 squares


A bag of candy contains five cherry flavored, two lemon flavored, one strawberry flavored, and two apple flavored candies. What is the probability, as a percentage, that the candy will be cherry?A. 25%B. 33%C. 50%D. 60%


Mr. Tree has tutoring on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 7am, 8am, or 4pm. Create a tree diagram to show all the possible outcomes for Mr. Tree’s tutoring times.

What is the equivalent decimal that represents the fraction of students who choose Football as their favorite activity?X = 10 people

The probability of an event occurring is 0.125. What fraction represents an equivalent probability? A. 125/10 B. 125/100 C. 1000/125D. 1/8


A local pet store currently has five dogs, three cats, one rabbit, and one turtle. What is the probability that a pet chosen will be a cat?A. 0.5B. 0.3C. 1.0 D. 0.25


At a local sandwich shop you can choose from a turkey, ham, bacon, or veggie sandwich, and a side item of a salad or a cookie. How many total possible outcomes of lunches are there at the sandwich shop?


The Union Grove Yearbook Staff wants to interview a student for the yearbook. They have placed names in a bag to draw from. The bag contains three football players, two volleyball players, five basketball players, two dancers, two cheerleaders, three band members, and three choir members. What is the probability that the student picked will NOT be a basketball player?


A fair spinner has the colors: red, yellow, blue, purple, and green. What is the probability that if you spin the spinner you would NOT land on red?*Write your answer as a fraction, decimal and percentage.