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Ex. 41 Structure of the Heart. Fibrous pericardium (outermost). Parietal pericardium . (inside lining of outer covering). Percardial cavity (space between). Epicardium (visceral pericardium). Myocardium (cardiac muscle). Intercalated disc*. Musculi pectinate. Papillary muscle.

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Ex. 41 Structure of the Heart

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Ex 41 structure of the heart l.jpg

Ex. 41 Structure of the Heart

Fibrous pericardium outermost l.jpg

Fibrous pericardium (outermost)

Parietal pericardium l.jpg

Parietal pericardium

(inside lining of outer covering)

Percardial cavity space between l.jpg

Percardial cavity (space between)

Epicardium visceral pericardium l.jpg

Epicardium (visceral pericardium)

Myocardium cardiac muscle l.jpg

Myocardium (cardiac muscle)

Intercalated disc l.jpg

Intercalated disc*

Musculi pectinate l.jpg

Musculi pectinate

Papillary muscle l.jpg

Papillary muscle

muscle @ base of chordae tendineae

Chordae tendineae l.jpg

Chordae tendineae

"heart strings"

Trabeculae carneae folds of muscle in ventricle l.jpg

Trabeculae carneae (folds of muscle in ventricle)

Moderator band l.jpg

Moderator band

Endocardium inner lining of heart l.jpg

Endocardium (inner lining of heart)

Ligamentum arteriosum l.jpg

Ligamentum arteriosum

Right atrium l.jpg

Right Atrium

Right auricle l.jpg

Right auricle

Superior vena cava l.jpg

Superior vena cava

Inferior vena cava l.jpg

Inferior vena cava

Coronary sinus l.jpg

Coronary sinus

Interatrial septum l.jpg

Interatrial septum

Tricuspid valve l.jpg

Tricuspid valve

Rt ventricle l.jpg

Rt. ventricle

Interventricular septum l.jpg

Interventricular septum

Pulmonary semilunar valve l.jpg

Pulmonary (semilunar) valve

Pulmonary trunk l.jpg

Pulmonary trunk

Pulmonary arteries l r l.jpg

Pulmonary arteries (L & R )

Left atrium l.jpg

Left atrium

Left auricle l.jpg

Left auricle

Pulmonary veins r l posterior view l.jpg

Pulmonary veins (R & L) – posterior view

Mitral bicuspid valve l.jpg

Mitral (bicuspid) valve

Left ventricle l.jpg

Left ventricle

Aortic valve above bicuspid valve medial cusp l.jpg

Aortic valve (above bicuspid valve medial cusp)

Aorta l.jpg


Systemic circulation l.jpg

Systemic Circulation

Cardiac circulation l.jpg

Cardiac circulation

Left coronary artery only seen if auricle is open l.jpg

Left coronary artery (only seen if auricle is open)

Circumflex artery l.jpg

Circumflex artery

Anterior interventricular artery l.jpg

Anterior interventricular artery

Right coronary artery l.jpg

Right coronary artery

Marginal artery l.jpg

Marginal artery

Posterior interventricular artery l.jpg

Posterior interventricular artery

Great cardiac vein l.jpg

Great cardiac vein

Middle cardiac vein l.jpg

Middle cardiac vein

Next ex 44 blood vessels l.jpg

Next Ex. 44 Blood Vessels

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