The customer is number one october 28 th 2011
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The Customer is Number One October 28 th , 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Customer is Number One October 28 th , 2011. Delivering Excellent Customer Service GCDF Facilitators: Dee Dee Rayfield & John Prindle.

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The customer is number one october 28 th 2011

The Customer is Number OneOctober 28th, 2011

Delivering Excellent Customer Service

GCDF Facilitators: Dee Dee Rayfield & John Prindle

Critical Skills & Key Definitions:Orientation skills: Offering information, giving directions, creating motivationGreeting skills: Establish comfort and trustInterviewing skill: Establishing customer needs and desiresQuestioning skills: Using closed & open ended questions, clarifying Offering alternative: How to say No and sound like you said YesActive Listening skills: Including verbal and non verbal respondingFeedback skills: Methods that motivate and help customers make decisionsDealing with Difficult Situations: Techniques to calm difficult customersParaphrasing and reflecting: Rephrasing feeling or contentTechnology Skills: Emailed and attached resumesConfidentiality skills: Respecting privacy and personal boundaries

How Customer Service Works

When you deliver Excellent

Customer Service, the

person who receives the

most service- is YOU

You are not at the mercy of your customers, it doesn’t matter whether the customer deserves good service or not, when you choose to give good service- YOU are in control

Who is the customer
Who is thecustomer?

First impressions are everything…how do you make a first impression and how will it affect your professional relationship with the client?

Is anyone free from bias?

Meeting customer expectations
Meeting Customer Expectations

It is important for us to

know who our customers are…





Moment of truth


Reflect back to yesterday- start with your arrival to work and go forward to the end of your shift…write down all the internal and external customers you communicated with.

For every check, how did the interactions go? Put a plus or minus next to each name

Are you a giver or a taker
Are You a Giver or a Taker?

This is a trick question…those who give until they are completely wiped out, have nothing left to give. We have to give to ourselves (take time out), in order to continue to give to others.

Steps to excellent customer service
Steps to Excellent Customer Service

  • Understand what the need is:

    • What does the customer want & need?

  • Verify and Clarify Need

  • Barriers to Problem Solving:

    • Keep your mind on fixing the problem

    • Do not take it personally

    • Be Patient- you know your organization/ product, your customer does not

    • Set Goals

Barriers to success what you should know
Barriers to Success -What You Should Know

  • Typical problems your clients may face

    and how to resolve them

  • The options available…when “No” is the answer

  • Identifying Barriers

  • Finances - living expenses and job-search costs

  • Transportation - driving and using public transportation

  • Childcare and eldercare concerns - needs related to caring for children and elderly

  • Mental and Physical Health Issues - illness that may affect self-esteem or work

  • Other challenges…..

The Five Step Helping Process for Excellent Customer Service Includes:

1) Relationship Building

2) Assessment

3) Goal Setting

4) Intervention

5) Termination & Follow Up

Five characteristics of effective goal setting include: Includes:-Realistic-Understandable-Measurable-Action Oriented-Agreed Upon

Do you take the time to listen
Do You Take The Time To Listen? Includes:


Physical efforts of building a relationship through effective listening include
Physical efforts of building a relationship through effective listening include

  • Face the person

  • Maintain Eye Contact

  • Be alert to non -verbal clues (Body Language)

  • Be relaxed