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Presentation for NEW MEMBERS

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1. Presentation for NEW MEMBERS

2. What LTU Does, and How Our job is to represent you, and not only at the bargaining table

3. Our union meets regularly with the school board to: to review educational policies (EPC) decide on the utilization of professional improvement grants (PIC) work out the implementation of curriculum (CIC), develop policies and procedures for children with special needs (Special Education Parity Committee), look after the training of new teachers (Teacher Training Committee) jointly study questions involving the interpretation of our collective agreement (Labour Relations Committee)

4. And now, our latest joint venture: Integrating new teachers in their milieu

5. Working for you at the office of LTU PRESIDENT: Theresa Kralik DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP WELFARE: Richard Greschner DIRECTOR OF PEDAGOGICAL AFFAIRS: Sebastien Joly ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: Kathy Morrow SECRETARY: Louise Sanchez

6. Basic facts about LTU 1000+ teachers in 39 schools and Adult/Vocational centres Laval, Laurentian and Lanaudiere regions Members choose 5 member Executive Committee and 10 Sector Directors every 2 years. These are paid positions. One director represents part-time teachers. Each school chooses its delegate(s). Annual general meeting sets dues: 0.73% One of 9 unions affiliated with QPAT (provincial)

7. Your individual part-time contract Granted for replacement (after 40 or 60 days) or to fill a partial staffing need Can only be granted to legally qualified Ends by June 30th or return of regular teacher Counts for seniority but not tenure Seniority is proportional to days worked and the workload percentage

8. Your individual full-time contract Based upon 100% workload without any replacement Is automatically renewable unless there is an excess of teachers at the board Leads to the acquisition of tenure (permanent status) with the 3rd consecutive contact

9. Hiring for full and part-time jobs Although a school principal may offer you a job, it must be confirmed by the school board to be validated. 100% workload is not necessarily a full-time contract. The board must follow certain legal procedures when hiring and issuing a contract. Once you have submitted all documentation to establish your legal right to teach (as issued by the Ministry) and provided official transcripts and attestations from educational institutions and previous employers, your contract can be ratified by the commissioners and presented for your signature. Any delay in providing the required documentation may result in your not receiving a contract and not being paid according to your qualifications and experience. THE ONUS IS ON YOU!

10. Health Insurance Health insurance is compulsory by law. RAMQ is not an option for contract teachers. Coverage is provided by Industrial Alliance. You must cover your uninsured dependents by selecting the option that fits your circumstances. If you (or they) are already covered elsewhere, you may be exempted but you must complete and return the form. Delay in submitting the paperwork may result in a claim denial and significant retroactive deductions. RAMQ checks!

11. Other Insurance No dental insurance – sorry. Group life insurance is optional and enrolment now does not require an exam and gives access to favorable long-term rates. Limited coverage may be extended to age 75. Accidental death and dismemberment insurance is an excellent low cost plan to cover catastrophic events. Basic salary insurance for up to two years is provided through the collective agreement. For full-time teachers, long-term disability insurance is compulsory. Discounts are available to teachers for home and auto insurance. Consult your handbook.

13. Salary Facts & Myths You are paid an annual salary based on 200 workdays. You are not paid for holidays or summers. Your salary depends on your schooling and your total teaching experience. Experience from outside Quebec and/or Canada counts. You are normally entitled to Employment Insurance when your contract ends. Ensure that you receive a Record of Employment for EI with your final pay. EI benefits may apply in the summer. You must be available to work and not have a job offer. A 100% workload=35 hours/week.

14. Staffing Needs/Recall List Full-time teachers Full time teachers normally remain in their school the next year. An exception occurs when there is an excess at a school that may lead to a transfer. Compulsory transfers are by category of teaching and seniority. There is a 50km limit. Voluntary transfers are an option to change school or category. Part-time teachers When filling posts for the next school year, surplus permanent teachers have priority. Remaining posts are filled from the recall list by seniority and capacity to do a particular workload. To be on the recall list, you must have had at least 2 contracts in at least 2 of the 3 preceding years. Refusing a recall can result in removal from the list. If you do not wish to work, advise Human Resources by June 1 to maintain your future rights.

15. Maternity, adoption and other parental leaves Benefits under the Quebec Parental Insurance Program include up to 21 weeks of maternity leave @ 93% + 29 weeks @ 55% - for Quebec residents. Others: EI Benefits also available for adoption. Paid paternity leave of 5 weeks with QPIP + 1 week with collective agreement. Being pregnant does not diminish your rights under law and the collective agreement. (e.g., recall) Pregnant? – have your 5th disease immunity verified by an MD…and inform Human Resources. You will not report to school except on ped days and you will be paid until cleared to return to teaching.

16. Medical and special leaves Medical Leave 6 days annually for full-time teacher – 5 with cash value + one-time only 6 additional days with no cash value for new teacher. Unused days accumulate in your bank. Annual allotment according to percentage worked Salary insurance after 5 days @75% going to 662/3% in year 2. Special (social) leave 8 days annually (prorated according to percentage worked) to cover specific events. Days have no cash value and do not accumulate in your bank. Events such as death in family, marriage, moving, serious family illness, appointments with medical/dental specialists are examples of what is covered. Other unspecified events may be covered by paying cost of replacement teacher with prior notice to the principal.

17. Employee Assistance and Legal Aid Programs The board offers a free EAP consultation service with a trained counselor who can be consulted for any problem, work-related or not. Your confidentiality is respected. Call Neill Graham, MSW, at 514-989-1805. LTU has a lawyer on retainer to provide free advice on virtually all legal matters not work-related. Identify yourself as a member of LTU. Call Gabor Glasz at (514) 284-9551.

18. Extra-curricular Activities Compensation The union and the school board encourage participation in student activities through a negotiated agreement providing time off and monetary compensation for approved activities. The time spent is recognized as personal presence (part of the 32 hours per week) required of full-time teachers.

19. Professional Improvement The union and school board jointly administer funds to promote the professional growth of teachers. $1/4 million per year is budgeted to cover: credit courses workshops and conferences non-credit courses school-based projects Application forms are available at where the PIC agreement can be consulted. Funds have also been set aside for special needs training and for teachers of multigrade classes.

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