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Learning in Another World. By: Dustin Smith. What’s a MUVE?. -multi-user virtual environment -online simulation of a geographical location -students navigate an avatar around an environment similar to a SIMS game in order to learn. River City. Leading educational MUVE

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Learning in another world
Learning in Another World

By: Dustin Smith

What s a muve
What’s a MUVE?

  • -multi-user virtual environment

  • -online simulation of a geographical location

  • -students navigate an avatar around an environment similar to a SIMS game in order to learn

River city
River City

  • Leading educational MUVE

  • Created by several professors from a group of universities

  • Virtual Reality

    • -students gather data to determine the cause of health crisis

    • students work through their avatars to interview inhabitants of an 1800’s river town and explore the geographical terrain to determine the source of the medical problem

    • -students are able to interact with other students in other school systems to develop a theory for what is causing the disease in River City

Making an impact
Making an Impact

  • -Not All Fun and Games

    • -parents are skeptical of the technology because they are unsure to what extent their children are interacting with others

    • -controls are setup to monitor chatting and email activity

    • -professors monitor the chat areas to ensure there are no inappropriate activities going on inside the chat room

    • some children may not have access to a computer at their home

    • -teachers help these students find access to the internet at public libraries

    • -teachers help these students find access to the internet in computer labs on campus

2004 2005 integrative technology research
-2004-2005 Integrative Technology Research

  • -Students introduced to Whyville technology showed improvement in biology

    • -after the study, students showed a 32%-35% increase of knowledge of biology using the Whyville technology

    • students learned inquiry-based learning by using the technology based on their responses to how and why the disease spread throughout the community

  • absenteeism decreased after integrating Whyville into lesson plans

Next stop whyville
Next Stop: Whyville

  • -open internet forum

  • -students used Whyville to learn how disease spread

  • -interactive, avatar driven environment

Who what and whyville
Who, What, and Whyville

  • -Teacher as the guide

    • -teachers are guides rather than answer givers

    • -teachers become more proficient at inquiry-based learning and teachers teach students by allowing them to ask and answer their own questions

  • Students learn to teach themselves and each other by interacting within the virtual environment

Why I Would Use Whyville

It encourages inquiry-based learning, which is essential for teaching biology

It forces students to discuss problems and ideas within the virtual world and elicits class discussion


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