ccna 1 module1
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CCNA 1 Module1

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CCNA 1 Module1. Objectives. Internet Connections. Physical – NIC card to connect to local net Logical – Use a standard set of protocols (TCP/IP) Applications – Web browsers, Html, FTP. PC Basics. Network Interface Card. NIC Card Resources

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internet connections
Internet Connections

Physical – NIC card to connect to local net

Logical – Use a standard set of protocols (TCP/IP)

Applications – Web browsers, Html, FTP


NIC Card Resources

  • Serial Connection to the network (not a serial port)
  • IRQ (interrupt request)
  • I/O address (Port addresses)
  • Upper memory address range (640k-1M)
nic modem installation
NIC – Modem Installation
  • Modem – modulator / demodulator
  • Used to provide connectivity to analog telephone lines
  • Low speed interface using serial or USB ports
  • NIC – Network Interface Card
  • Interface for a host to the network
  • Available in different types depending on computer system and network
    • PCMCIA (PC Card), ISA, PCI
    • Desktop, notebook, server
    • Ethernet, token ring, FDDI

NIC Card designed for use in desktop system using PCI and connection to Ethernet 10/100 network

high speed and dial up connectivity
High Speed and Dial-up Connectivity
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and Cable modems provide the most common forms of high speed access
  • Provide low cost connectivity without affecting regular phone or cable service.

The Ping utility works by sending multiple IP packets to a specified destination, each packet containing a request for a response. Below are examples of ping commands that are commonly used for testing network connectivity.

pc network troubleshooting
PC/Network Troubleshooting

Problems can exist in hardware, software or network configuration as well as network cables and devices.

binary representation of data
Binary Representation of Data



The binary codes shown above use a weighted system where each digit has a different positional weight (128,64,32,16,8,4,2,1).

A binary 0 might also mean off, low, disabled, 0V

A binary 1 might also mean on, high, enabled, +5V