multicharts for system trading
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MultiCharts for System Trading

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MultiCharts for System Trading.

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Traders are looking for the best tool to create winningrules- EasyLanguage is de facto world-wide standard- Domestic/International market : CME/CBOT/EUREX/SGX/TSE/…- Diversified data sources : eSignal, Bloomberg, IQFeed, … - Forex trading support : FOREX/FXCM- Special Features Support -- Upgraded GUI -- Intrabar Order Generation -- Portfolio Testing -- Powerful/Fast Optimization -- Versatile Data Import/Export -- Built-in AutoTrading -- RadarScreen -- Perfect protection in EL script from hacking -- Take full advantages of the state-of-the-art H/Ws --- Multiple Monitors, Quad/Octa CPUs, Unlimited Memory

System Trading = Rule-based Trading


- TradeStation 2000i -- introduced system trading in Korea -- used by institutional/professional/heavy traders -- brokerage independent  serviced by many well-known brokerages -- commission, not the quality is the key factor these days -- Service Pack 5 is the last update  about 10 years ago- YesTrader -- mimics TradeStation 2000i -- YesLanguage is a subset of EasyLanguage -- bound to Cheil Securities -- easy to bring them into TradeStation- CybosTrader -- based on TradeStation 2000i -- CybosLanguage is also rooted from EasyLanguage -- based on VB, not EL  inherits all the advantages/disadvantages of VB- TradeStation 8 -- the latest version serviced only in America (lately England is added) -- serviced by TradeStation Securities -- too big and complicated

Status quo: System Trading Tools


Setoff(들러리)  Part or assortment of HTS- Every Brokerage has it, but none has the right one- Cost vs. Profit?  To Swallow it or Spit it out?  닭갈비신세- No one has Killer Service  All about and about- Key Factor  Commission  Profit/Market Shares down- Highest Qualitiy Service?  (ex) SNUFund Design Dept- International Service?  Demands increase gradually

Status quo: System Trading Services


Becoming the one and only one in system trading with killer system trading platform Brand new, standalone system trading service, neither a part nor an assortment of HTS  The best, unbeatable service Covers all traders from TS2ki, Yes, Cybos, TS8IS THIS POSSIBLE?



 The Best System Trading Engine  Benefits all the advantages of TS2ki and TS8 Overcomes all the disadvantages of TS2ki and TS8 Yes2Easy Converter, Cybos2Easy Converter  Meets Domestic/International Demands

The answer is MultiCharts.!!!


Unique Chartiing Features

Mixtures of Ticks and Other Charts


Unique Chartiing Features

Mixtures of Seconds and Other Charts


Features And Advantages

Strategy Back-testing

  • Strategy Optimization - Genetic Algorithm

Features And Advantages

Strategy Back-testing

  • Strategy Optimization - 3D Optimization Charts

Features And Advantages

Automated Trading

  • Auto Trading Properties

Powerful Data Management

  • Data Merging : History and Realtime
  • Importing/Exporting Data
  • Backfill Operation
  • Symbol List Info
  • Working with Exchanges & ECNs
  • Working with Custom Session Templates
  • Online Mode
  • View & Edit Data
  • Built-In Data Sources : TS 2000i, TS 8, ASCII, MetaStock, …

Features And Advantages

Powerful Data Management

  • Working with Multiple ASCII

Features And Advantages

Powerful Data Management

  • Importing/Exporting Data

Features And Advantages

Powerful Data Management

  • Working with Exchanges & ECNs

Features And Advantages

  • Now, V3.0 supports it!!!

Intrabar Order Generation(IOG)


Features And Advantages

Portfolio Testing


Supplementary FOREX solution : MCFX


Fast and Reliable Data

Constant Connectivity from Anywhere

Over 6 Years of High Quality Historical FOREX Data for 24 Currency Pairs

The more data you use for analysis, the more reliable it will be. Our price Data Server stores about 6 years of FOREX data to enable you to create and test FOREX trading strategies on the 24 most actively traded currency pairs:   AUD/CAD,   AUD/CHF,   AUD/JPY,   AUD/NZD,   AUD/USD,   CAD/JPY,   CHF/JPY,   EUR/AUD,   EUR/CAD,   EUR/CHF,   EUR/GBP,   EUR/JPY,   EUR/USD,   GBP/AUD,   GBP/CAD,   GBP/CHF,   CBP/JPY,   GBP/NZD,   GBP/USD,   NZD/JPY,   NZD/USD,   USD/CAD,   USD/CHF,   USD/JPY.



MultiCharts/MCFX Localization & Customization

  • Private Labelling
  • -- (ex) TopStep
  • Language Localization
  • Custom Development

Thank you for reading!

HaeRim Lee

InvestWare, Inc.

Email:[email protected]

MSN: [email protected]