Multicharts for system trading
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MultiCharts for System Trading PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MultiCharts for System Trading.

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MultiCharts for System Trading

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MultiChartsforSystem Trading

Traders are looking for the best tool to create winningrules- EasyLanguage is de facto world-wide standard- Domestic/International market : CME/CBOT/EUREX/SGX/TSE/…- Diversified data sources : eSignal, Bloomberg, IQFeed, … - Forex trading support : FOREX/FXCM- Special Features Support -- Upgraded GUI -- Intrabar Order Generation -- Portfolio Testing -- Powerful/Fast Optimization -- Versatile Data Import/Export -- Built-in AutoTrading -- RadarScreen -- Perfect protection in EL script from hacking -- Take full advantages of the state-of-the-art H/Ws --- Multiple Monitors, Quad/Octa CPUs, Unlimited Memory

System Trading = Rule-based Trading

- TradeStation 2000i -- introduced system trading in Korea -- used by institutional/professional/heavy traders -- brokerage independent  serviced by many well-known brokerages -- commission, not the quality is the key factor these days -- Service Pack 5 is the last update  about 10 years ago- YesTrader -- mimics TradeStation 2000i -- YesLanguage is a subset of EasyLanguage -- bound to Cheil Securities -- easy to bring them into TradeStation- CybosTrader -- based on TradeStation 2000i -- CybosLanguage is also rooted from EasyLanguage -- based on VB, not EL  inherits all the advantages/disadvantages of VB- TradeStation 8 -- the latest version serviced only in America (lately England is added) -- serviced by TradeStation Securities -- too big and complicated

Status quo: System Trading Tools

Setoff(들러리)  Part or assortment of HTS- Every Brokerage has it, but none has the right one- Cost vs. Profit?  To Swallow it or Spit it out?  닭갈비신세- No one has Killer Service  All about and about- Key Factor  Commission  Profit/Market Shares down- Highest Qualitiy Service?  (ex) SNUFund Design Dept- International Service?  Demands increase gradually

Status quo: System Trading Services

Becoming the one and only one in system trading with killer system trading platform Brand new, standalone system trading service, neither a part nor an assortment of HTS  The best, unbeatable service Covers all traders from TS2ki, Yes, Cybos, TS8IS THIS POSSIBLE?


 The Best System Trading Engine  Benefits all the advantages of TS2ki and TS8 Overcomes all the disadvantages of TS2ki and TS8 Yes2Easy Converter, Cybos2Easy Converter  Meets Domestic/International Demands

The answer is MultiCharts.!!!

Reviews from external sources

Optimization Benchmark Test

Unique Chartiing Features

Mixtures of Ticks and Other Charts

Unique Chartiing Features

Mixtures of Seconds and Other Charts

Unique Chartiing Features

Points Chart

Unique Chartiing Features

Changes Chart

Features And Advantages

Strategy Back-testing

  • Strategy Optimization - Genetic Algorithm

Features And Advantages

Strategy Back-testing

  • Strategy Optimization - 3D Optimization Charts

Features And Advantages

Automated Trading

  • Auto Trading Properties

Powerful Data Management

  • Data Merging : History and Realtime

  • Importing/Exporting Data

  • Backfill Operation

  • Symbol List Info

  • Working with Exchanges & ECNs

  • Working with Custom Session Templates

  • Online Mode

  • View & Edit Data

  • Built-In Data Sources : TS 2000i, TS 8, ASCII, MetaStock, …

Features And Advantages

Powerful Data Management

  • Working with Multiple ASCII

Features And Advantages

Powerful Data Management

  • Importing/Exporting Data

Features And Advantages

Powerful Data Management

  • Working with Exchanges & ECNs

Features And Advantages

  • Now, V3.0 supports it!!!

Intrabar Order Generation(IOG)

Features And Advantages

Portfolio Testing

Supplementary FOREX solution : MCFX


Fast and Reliable Data

Constant Connectivity from Anywhere

Over 6 Years of High Quality Historical FOREX Data for 24 Currency Pairs

The more data you use for analysis, the more reliable it will be. Our price Data Server stores about 6 years of FOREX data to enable you to create and test FOREX trading strategies on the 24 most actively traded currency pairs:   AUD/CAD,   AUD/CHF,   AUD/JPY,   AUD/NZD,   AUD/USD,   CAD/JPY,   CHF/JPY,   EUR/AUD,   EUR/CAD,   EUR/CHF,   EUR/GBP,   EUR/JPY,   EUR/USD,   GBP/AUD,   GBP/CAD,   GBP/CHF,   CBP/JPY,   GBP/NZD,   GBP/USD,   NZD/JPY,   NZD/USD,   USD/CAD,   USD/CHF,   USD/JPY.


MultiCharts/MCFX Localization & Customization

  • Private Labelling

  • -- (ex) TopStep

  • Language Localization

  • Custom Development

Thank you for reading!

HaeRim Lee

InvestWare, Inc.



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