Gomactech 04 transformational technologies technical program committee
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GOMACTech-04 Transformational Technologies Technical Program Committee. Zach Lemnios , DARPA Conference Chairman. Edgar Martinez, DARPA Technical Program Chairman. 28 May 2003. Eric Adler Joe Brewer Gerald Borsuk Art Campbell Chuck Caposel Brian Cohen Phil Howerton Zach Lemnios.

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Presentation Transcript
Gomactech 04 transformational technologies technical program committee

GOMACTech-04Transformational TechnologiesTechnical Program Committee

Zach Lemnios, DARPA

Conference Chairman

Edgar Martinez, DARPA

Technical Program Chairman

28 May 2003

Gomactech 04 technical program committee membership

Eric Adler

Joe Brewer

Gerald Borsuk

Art Campbell

Chuck Caposel

Brian Cohen

Phil Howerton

Zach Lemnios

GOMACTech-04 Technical Program Committee Membership

Chris Lesniak

Loren Linholm

Richard Linderman

Ingham Mack

Edgar Martinez

Dev Palmer

Harald Schone

*On Both Committees

Proposal for plenary session
Proposal for Plenary Session

  • Plenary session should be a magnet for the technical community

  • How to entice people to GomacTech 04?

  • Propose a split session to last the entire morning with the first half dedicated to:

    • Technology Leaders in Gov., Industry, and Academia

    • Provide forum for future DoD investments

    • Showcase recent Conflict Experiences

  • Second half dedicated to Kilby Lectures

    • (3) Academic/Government research

  • Final Talk of the Plenary session should showcase highlights of the entire program

    • Conference Chairman or Technical Chairman

Proposal for plenary session1
Proposal for Plenary Session

8:30-8:45 AM Protocol and welcoming remarks from the Conference Chairman

8:45-9:00 AM – Award ceremony for last year best papers

9:00-9:30 AM – Guest Speaker – TBD

9:30-10:00 AM – Guest Speaker from the Gov. –

Dr. Jane Alexander – Home Land Security Science and Technology

10:00-10:30 AM – Break

10:30-11:00 AM – Kilby Lecture 1 -

Dr. Linda Katehi - Transforming Academic Research to Address future DoD and HLD Departments needs

11:00-11:30 AM - Kilby Lecture 2 –

Dr. Conilee Kirkpatrick - Corporate Research Laboratories and their leadership role in Technology Transformation

11:30-12:00 – Kilby Lecture 3 –

Technical Presentation showcasing next DOD Grand challenge – TBD

Technical session proposal
Technical Session Proposal

  • Goal is to increase the number of DARPA Program Reviews from three (03) to five (05) (7-10 sessions)

  • One or two sessions dedicated to MURI Reviews or MURI Topics

  • Limit the length of the technical sessions to 1.5 hours

    • 8:30 – 10:00 AM

    • 10:30-12:00 AM

    • 1:30-3:00 PM

    • 3:30-5:00 PM

  • Strategic allocation of the technical sessions to minimize conflict

  • Three Parallel Session – Committee to vote on that

    • Three parallel sessions – 30 session totals

    • Classified sessions – only if necessary

Strawman candidate program reviews and chairs
Strawman Candidate Program Reviews and Chairs

DARPA Reviews:

IRFFE Martinez MTO


AFPA Carrano MTO



PACC Graybill IPTO

C2OI Athale MTO

Total 13 Sessions of the conference

Confirmed Reviews

Strawman candidate topical sessions and chairs
Strawman Candidate Topical Sessions and Chairs

Topical Sessions:

Homeland Defense (2) Cohen/Brewer

Urban Warfare (2) Caposell

Unattended Sensors Systems Brewer

UAV Sensors Cohen

Next Gen GPS Cohen

JTRS Cohen

Precision Guidance Munitions/Cohen

Hypespectral Imaging Linderman

Space Based Radar Lesniak

Critical Metrology Linholm

Total 12 Sessions of the conference

Confirmed Sessions

Strawman candidate technology focus sessions
Strawman Candidate Technology Focus Sessions

Technology Focus Sessions:

Progress Toward Nanotechnology Brewer

Adv. Silicon Microelectronics (2) Reuss

Multifunction RF Palmer

Power Electronics Ingham Mack

WBGS (2) Martinez

RF Power Borsuk

Mm-Wave Eric Adler

RadHard by Design TBD

Total 10 Sessions of the conference

Confirmed Sessions

Strawman candidate for panel sessions
Strawman Candidate for Panel Sessions

Panel Sessions:

Two panel sessions at lunch time:

Future Investment Strategy Panel Session:

(Thursday lunch time)

Representatives from AF, Navy, Army, DARPA, HD, MURI, SBIR

Unconventional warfare and the future warrior needs:

(Tuesday lunch time)

Special Operations, Navy Seal, Marines,

Confirmed Sessions

Strawman candidate for tutorials
Strawman Candidate for Tutorials

2 tutorial sessions:

Future combat systems – Consideration for system-of-systems

Designing into commercial foundries – what do you need to know?

Technology considerations for space-based systems

How to qualify MEMs-based microsystems for reliability?

Confirmed Sessions

GOMACTech-04 Technical Program Committee Timeline



















Session Planning and Paper


Tutorial and Panel Session


Final Papers Due





Abstracts Due


Author Notification


Scheduled meeting/teleconferences

Paper Selection/Steering Committee Meeting in DC, 2 Oct 03

On-site planning meeting in Monterey (January 2004)

GOMACTech-04 Technical Program Committee

The Technical Program Committee will provide the technical foundation for GOMAC-04 by establishing the technical program, organizing the technical sessions, reviewing submitted abstracts, executing the technical program and either chairing the technical sessions or identifying session chairs.

Gomactech 05
GOMACTech - 05

  • 05- Conference Theme – Establishing Leadership in Technology

  • Potential Locations – Philadelphia, Atlanta, or Denver

  • Time – April 2004

Gomac 04 timeline
GOMAC-04 Timeline