Multimedia: Making It Work

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Overview. Stages of a multimedia project.Requirements for a multimedia project.. Stages of a Multimedia Project . Planning and costing:The needs of a project are analyzed by outlining its messages and objectives.A plan that outlines the required multimedia expertise is prepared.A graphic templat

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Multimedia: Making It Work

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1. Multimedia: Making It Work Chapter 2: Introduction to Making Multimedia

2. Overview Stages of a multimedia project. Requirements for a multimedia project.

3. Stages of a Multimedia Project Planning and costing: The needs of a project are analyzed by outlining its messages and objectives. A plan that outlines the required multimedia expertise is prepared. A graphic template, the structure, and navigational system are developed. A time estimate and a budget are prepared. A short prototype or proof-of-concept is prepared.

4. Stages of a Multimedia Project Design and production: The planned tasks are performed to create a finished product. The product is revised, based on the continuous feedback received from the client.

5. Stages of a Multimedia Project Testing The program is tested to ensure that it meets the objectives of the project, works on the proposed delivery platforms, and meets the client requirements. Delivery The final project is packaged and delivered to the end user.

6. Hardware Hardware The most significant platforms for producing and delivering multimedia projects are Macintosh operating system and Microsoft Windows. These systems provide an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). The Macintosh as well as Windows PC offers a combination of affordability, and software and hardware availability. Macintosh platform is better suited for multimedia production than the Windows platform. The hardware platforms provided by Apple are better equipped to manage both, sound and video editing.

7. Software Software Multimedia software provides specific instructions to the hardware for performing tasks. Software tools are divided into production tools and authoring tools.

8. Creativity and Organizational Skills Creativity and organizational skills In a multimedia project, being creative implies knowledge of hardware and software. It is essential to develop an organized outline detailing the skills, time, budget, tools and resources needed for the project. Assets such as graphics, sound and the like should be continuously monitored throughout the project抯 execution. A standardized file-naming procedure should be followed for precise organization and swift retrieval.

9. Summary The basic stages of a multimedia project are planning and costing, design and production, testing and delivery. Knowledge of hardware and software, as well as creativity and organizational skills are essential for creating a high-quality multimedia project.

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