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Student Advising: Visible and Important. . Olga Salinas, M.P.A. Academic Advisor School of Nursing College of Health Science Boise State University. Special thanks to my colleagues:Ms. Teri Soelberg, M.S., Grants Coordinator, Boise State UniversityMs. Maura Rasmussen, Student Enrollment CoordinatorDr. Jose Ramos, M.S., Ed, Academic Advisor, Old Dominion University.
Advising Using Outcomes Directed Thinking and Creativity in ...

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1. Advising Using Outcomes Directed Thinking and Creativity in Student Development: Meeting Students at the Terminal and Preparing Them for Flight.

2. Student Advising: Visible and Important

3. Olga Salinas, M.P.A. Academic Advisor School of Nursing College of Health Science Boise State University Special thanks to my colleagues: Ms. Teri Soelberg, M.S., Grants Coordinator, Boise State University Ms. Maura Rasmussen, Student Enrollment Coordinator Dr. Jose Ramos, M.S., Ed, Academic Advisor, Old Dominion University

4. Funding more like?

5. Answers to: Promote Student Development Create New Approaches and Venues Increase Persistence Ensure a Quantifiable Educational Achievement

6. What Do We Do? What Do You Do?

7. Student Development Independence Confidence Interdependence Educational Achievement

8. Brick and Mortar , and Virtual Hallways

10. Transformative To change in form, appearance, or structure; metamorphose. To change in condition, nature or character; convert. (Merriam- Webster)

11. Awesome (Urban Dictionary)

12. Awesome Works! Insecure > Competent Distressed > Managing Emotions Needy > Developing Autonomy Vague Self-Image > Establishing Identity Immature > Respectful, Empathetic Relationships Unfocused > Developing Purpose External Values > Personalization of Values Beginning > Achieving

13. Advising = Transformative Learning Experience It must meet and work in the ?active contexts of student?s lives?. (Learning Reconsidered 2: Implementing a Campus-Wide Focus on the Student Experience, 2006)

14. Advisors = Facilitators of Transformative Learning Experiences Modify Perspective, Change Everything!

15. Outcomes Directed Thinking Meets students at their level of experience Facilitates self-desinged outcomes Means to modify perspective Fosters creative solutions Provides a tool for communication

16. Outcomes Directed Thinking ? Has a Successful History (1980s ? Research on high performing athletes, managers, teams.)

17. Outcomes Language Evolving Business: Reframe the question cost by increasing the level of vested interest between vendors and clients for a mutual outcome. Healthcare: Move away from polarizing statements such as ?health care for everyone? to higher level motivation of ensuring good health for everyone?.

18. Outcomes Directed Thinking Internal Questions ? Motivational External Questions ? Propel to Action

19. Partner to Appreciative Advising and Goal Setting Appreciative Advising ? Sets the foundation for a positive experience. Goal Setting ? Clarifies destination (S.M.A.R.T. Goal)

20. Outcomes Directed Thinking in Student Services/Advising ? The Procedural Pause Identify motivation. Ownership of plans, solutions, tasks. Broadens perspective of resources. Method of promoting communication with key support people.

21. ?Never bring the problem solving stage into the decision making stage. Otherwise you surrender yourself to the problem rather than the solution.? ? Robert Schuller

22. Important ?Why? Goal setting is a risky business.

23. A Practical Application Problem/Existing Situation Desired Outcome Working on Prereqs Admission to For Rad Sci Rad Sci Program for fall 2012

24. Outcomes Space Map or Motivational Map ?What will this do for me?? This IS the question!

25. Outcome Space Map ? Motivational Leverage I could be a role model for someone else. It would make me feel really good/successful. Improved finances for myself and my family. Entrance to desired career. ? Established Outcome: Admission to the Rad Sci Program in fall 2012 application cycle.

26. Defines the motivation behind the outcome. Self-Defined ? Therefore has opportunity to be a transformative experience. Vested in outcome.

27. ?A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.? ? Mark Twain

28. Moving Down the Map: From Obstacles to Solutions ?Design is directed toward human beings. To design is to solve human problems by identifying them and executing the best solution.? Ivan Chermayeff

29. Moving the Map: Setting a Course and Destroying the Barriers. ?Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.? Swami Sivananda

30. Motivations established? Easier to identify distractions and barriers. Once again ?flip? to what is desired instead of the barrier. Create the strategy. Identify resources/buy-in needed for each strategy.

31. Focus is now on the smaller steps that move a student from overwhelmed by diluted unspecified, time - costly efforts, to progress through specific, doable strategies?supported by the motivation.

40. Advisors Facilitators Partners Student Development

41. Outcomes Directed Thinking Part of your Student Development tool kit?

42. Think off-center. George Carlin

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