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Self-Management . Amber, Colleen, & Mackenzie . E-ATRC Tool Kit. What is Self-Management?. Methods, skills and strategies so that individuals can effectively direct their own activities Types of objectives: -Goal setting -Decision making -Focusing -Time-Management -Scheduling .

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Amber, Colleen, & Mackenzie

E-ATRC Tool Kit

What is Self-Management?

  • Methods, skills and strategies so that individuals can effectively direct their own activities

  • Types of objectives:

    -Goal setting

    -Decision making




Why is teaching Self-Management Skills Important?

  • Student will learn to independently complete tasks

  • Student takes an active role in monitoring and reinforcing their own behavior

  • Replacing a problem behavior with an appropriate behavior

Who are these tools for?

  • Students who lack specific self-management skills

  • Students with Autism

  • Students who lack structure

  • Students with minor behavioral issues

Scheduling Tools:

  • Board Maker:

    -Create picture communication symbol-based boards and activities

Scheduling Tools Continued…

  • With the combination of Mark-My-Time and Board Maker you can create a great independent scheduling tool

  • Tool is discrete, re-usable, and easy to make

Anxiety & Behavioral Tools:

  • Silent Classroom Fidgets:

    -Ideal for classrooms and other places a quiet fidget is needed

    -Keep restless fingers busy, bodies relaxed, and minds focused

From Left to Right: Spy Wonder Tube, Monkey Fidget Exerciser, Massager Grips, Fidgets Foot Band

Where can I find these tools?






High Tech & Self-management

Benefits of High Tech in the classroom

  • Engaging students in a variety of activities

  • Improves focus in a SPED classroom

  • Creates opportunities for alternative assignment options

    • Completing tasks students didn't’t think possible

    • Even the playing field between student

    • Creates opportunities for alternative assignment options

    • Teaches students social skills

Teaching a Social Skill (through technology)

  • Allows students interact with others

  • More social skills, the more enjoyable school can be

  • Forming friendships

  • Managing self actions, words, and awareness in different surroundings

iPad app options

Off We Go

  • Tell stories

  • Uses pictures

  • Creates a routine

  • Reduces anxiety


  • Time management

  • Visual countdowns

  • Voice prompts

  • Recommended for all disabilities

Model Me Kids

Free iPad app

Computer Software

My School Day Enhanced

School Routines and Rules

  • Cognitive age of 6-12

  • Teaches a variety of social skills

  • Real scenarios to handle situations

  • Progress monitoring

  • Interactive video games

  • Children ages 4-8

  • Teaches rules, expectations for behaviors, and steps towards independence

  • Picture based

  • Create personal schedule and choice cards

Why Assistive Technology is Important

  • About 53 million people have some type of disability

  • About 33 million Americans have a disability that makes it difficult for them to carry out daily activities

  • AT can help to enable individuals

Resources for Teachers

  • The Assistive Technology Training Online Project –

  • Able Data -

  • Tech Matrix -

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