multi process 3d printer final review
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Multi-Process 3D Printer: Final Review

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Multi-Process 3D Printer: Final Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multi-Process 3D Printer: Final Review. Group Members: Jeremy Bennett, Austin Chacosky , Matthew Demm , Nicholas Hensel , Chad Rossi Customer: Dr. Dennis Cormier Guide: John Kaemmerlen. Agenda. Project Background System Architecture Customer Needs Engineering Specs

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Presentation Transcript
multi process 3d printer final review

Multi-Process 3D Printer:Final Review

Group Members:

Jeremy Bennett, Austin Chacosky, Matthew Demm, Nicholas Hensel, Chad Rossi

Customer: Dr. Dennis Cormier

Guide: John Kaemmerlen

  • Project Background
  • System Architecture
  • Customer Needs
  • Engineering Specs
  • Subsystem Construction
    • Electrical/Mechanical Head Interface
    • Motion System
    • Process Head Storage
    • Enclosure
  • Project Evaluation
  • Recommendations for Future Group
  • Lessons Learned

Speaker: Chad

project background
Project Background


To develop a 3D printing system capable of executing both additive and subtractive processes through the design and implementation of a unique process head interface system while simultaneously minimizing system cost to appeal to the hobbyist market.

Multi – Proto Lab

Open Source CNC Mill

Single Process 3D Printer

Speaker: Chad

system architecture
System Architecture
  • System Architecture layout from MSD I
  • Accurate assessment of content we focused on for the project

Speaker: Nick

review of customer needs
Review of Customer Needs
  • Most of the customer needs are met to some degree
  • Implemented an enclosed dual process machine with 3-axis motion control capable of implementing more processes and automated tool loading
  • The degree to which we’ve met the customer needs will be discussed next

Speaker: Austin

process head storage
Process Head Storage
  • Stores Process Heads attached to Universal Mounting Blocks.
  • Currently has space for 3 Process Heads.
  • Needed additional bracing to increase rigidity.

Speaker: Matt

electrical mechanical head interface
Electrical/Mechanical Head Interface
  • Achieves reliable electrical connection and precise mechanical registration with process heads.
  • Currently interfaces with a Rotary Spindle Tool & an Plastic Extrusion Head.
  • Issues that needed correction:
    • Dowel Pin Pattern
    • Electrical Pass-through Clearances
    • Locking Solenoid Design Failure

Speaker: Matt

motion system
Motion System
  • Lead screws on each of three axes
  • Dual-driven short horizontal axis
  • Maximum speed of 15.5 mm/s speed on the long axis
  • Added hardboard covers to top of each axis as improvement on CAD design
  • Many issues with getting the axes properly aligned – failure of the design

Speaker: Nick

  • Made of spray painted hardboard (Masonite) with clear polycarbonate doors and widows
  • Includes E-Stop, door switches, vacuum access door, and RGB LEDs
  • Front single thickness hardboard is flimsy and hand-cut
  • LEDs are controlled by the Arduino and could be used to indicate build progress, bed and extruded temperature, or current tool in use

Speaker: Austin

project evaluation
Project Evaluation



Survived trip to Imagine

1st place in ARM competition

XYZ Movement

Semi-functional Open Source GUI

Visually Appealing

System is expandable

Slow speeds

Testing not finished

No printing at Imagine

Incomplete assembly instructions

Speaker: Chad

recommendations for future groups
Recommendations for Future Groups
  • Expand the number of implemented processes
    • Metal additive process head
    • Measurement process head
  • Integrate 3D scanner into system
  • Fully test additive and subtractive processes
  • Design and add features to more readily align axes
  • Implement dual y-axis control in user interface
  • Implement encoder feedback into firmware
  • Replace front panel with a more solid material
  • Apply UV and IR blocking plastic film to Polycarb windows

Speaker: Jeremy

lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Allocate additional lead time for delay due to external factors
    • Simplify orders for the one in charge of placing them
  • Lead screw alignment is a tedious and crucial procedure
  • Don’t underestimate the time requirements for the simpler yet time consuming tasks
  • Design with unit system utilized by the machining resources of custom fabricated components

Speaker: Jeremy


Special thanks: Dr. Cormier, Professor Kaemmerlen,

CJ Winegar, Mike Buffalin, John Bonzo,

ME Machine Shop Staff,

Various Subject Matter Experts