Challengers the real fighters
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Business quiz. Challengers The real Fighters. First Round. Which was the first private mutual fund company in India?. Kothari Pioneer. Which company makes the X box games console?. Microsoft. The Skoda car company is based in which country?. Czechoslovakia.

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Challengers The real Fighters

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Business quiz


The real Fighters

First Round

Which was the first private mutual fund company in India?

Kothari Pioneer

Which company makes the X box games console?


The Skoda car company is based in which country?


What is the name of Hong Kong’s airline?

Kathay Pacific

Which vehicle took its name from the fact that it was made to be used for general purpose?


In which country is the world’s largest Mc donalds restaurant?


Lending her name to a famous brand who was the Greek Goddess of victory?


Which car company owns ‘Jaguar’?




Carol Bartzceo yahoo






rapid fire




advertisement & media


Which bank is promoted by 20th century Finance Corporation and Keppel Tatlee Bank of Singapore in India?

Centurian Bank

Name the term used for depreciating a companies intangible assets.


In the world of Trade and commerce what is special about the commissioning of Monte deiPaschisi Siena in Italy in 1742?

First Trading Bank in the world.

Name the first Indian woman CEO of a foreign Bank?

TariniVaidya of KBC bank India of South Asia

What is known as the cost of living index which represents the goods and services purchased by consumers?

CPI (Consumer Price Index)

Human Resource

How do we better know the employment agencies and executive recruiters who locate suitable candidates?

Head Hunters

Whats the term used to describe an employee who is not tied to one country or company but moves around?

Mobile Network

Name the Process of certifying the competence of a person, an employee, in an area of capability?


Boulwaridm is a popular negotiation strategy. Who developed this concept?

General Electric Company

Who proposed the ‘Equity Theory’ in the year 1960?

J.Staw Adams

Information Technology

Which was the first Indian software company listed on NYSE?

Silverline Technologies Ltd.

What is the Indian equivalent of CIO, Chief Information Officer?

General Manager Systems

What is the earlier name for Javascript?

Live script

What is the code name of Windows XP?


Name the person who first drew the Linux Penguin, TUX?

Larry Ewing

Advertisement and Media

Which company launched the ‘Beat’ range of hi-tech watches in India?


What is the term used to describe the day which is divided into several time periods in Broadcast Media?


Name the author of the book ‘Avenues of Advertising’?

Ashok Roy

Name the famous Advertising agency created by GoutamRakshit and Ashok Roy?

Advertising Avenues

WPP is the parent company of J Walter Thomson and group of companies. Expand WPP.

Wire and Plastic Products



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