Solar energy review
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Solar Energy Review PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solar Energy Review. Why does the position and length of a shadow change throughout the day?.

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Solar Energy Review

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Solar Energy Review

Why does the position and length of a shadow change throughout the day?

  • As the Earth rotates throughout the day, the relative positions of the sun and Earth change. The sun is the primary light source for shadows, and if the light source is changing positions, then the shadows will change.


Elapsed time-

The difference between the starting time and an ending time.

Solar collector-

A material used to capture solar energy in a water heater or other device.


Earth Material -

A nonliving substance that makes up or comes from the earth

Energy transfer -

The change of energy from one form to another, or the movement of energy from one object to another


Heat sink -

A material, such as water, that can absorb a large amount of heat for its volume and release energy slowly

Solar Energy -

Energy from the Sun; this energy takes several forms, including visible light and infrared light that can be felt as heat


Absorb -

to take up, soak in, or capture (black plastic absorbs the Sun’s energy)

Reflect -

to bounce back (white plastic reflects the Sun’s energy)

Describe why the solar water heaters with black plastic in them heated up faster than those with white plastic in them.

  • Black plastic absorbs solar energy, which it transfers to the water.

Describe why solar water heaters with lids heat up more than those without lids.

  • A cover keeps the heat inside the container. It also prevents energy transfer by keeping the water from coming in contact with cooler air around it.

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