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Examples and ideals
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Examples and ideals. Qualities :. positive – virtues ( kindness , reliability , responsibility , honesty , generousity , politeness , friendship , good behaviour , hard-working etc .) negative – vices

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Examples and ideals

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Examples and ideals

Examples and ideals



  • positive – virtues

    ( kindness, reliability, responsibility, honesty, generousity, politeness, friendship, goodbehaviour, hard-workingetc.)

  • negative – vices

    ( laziness, people are mean, selfish, impolite, rude, cheeky, intolerant, recklessetc.)

People who influence us during the life

Peoplewhoinfluenceusduring the life

  • ourparents

  • oldersiblings and otherrelatives

  • ourfriends

  • teachersatschool

  • famouspeople or celebrities

    Allofthemcaninfluenceuspositively or




  • The most important and the

    closestpeople to us

  • ourfirst role models

  • theybringusup and teachus to behavewell ( to get on withothers, to greet and respectpeople, to helpthose in need)

Friends peers

Friends (peers)

  • friendsenrich our life, bring joy to it, and share our problems

  • choosing a friendisnoteasy

  • Theycaninfluenceuspositively and negatively

  • A goodfriend– helpsus, supportsus, understandsus,

    wespendlotsoftimetogether, wehave

    commonhobbies, he/shedoesn´tlet you

    down, doesn´tenvyyou

„Tellme whoyour friends are and I will tell you who you are.”(Assyrianproverb)



  • teachchildren to besuccessful in

    life, to cooperatewithothers, to be

    self-disciplined, determined and hard-working

  • theyencouragepupils to do theirbestatschool

„Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.“(Chinese proverb)

Celebrities famous people

Celebrities – famouspeople

  • theycan have a powerful impact on a person's life ( fashionstyles, politicalviews, interests, behaviour)

  • teenagerstry to imitatethem

  • theycanhavepositive or negativeimpact on youngpeople


wasanAmericanactivistwhofoughtfor civil rightsofblackpeopleand against the racialsegregation in USA in 1960s. In 1964, King received the Nobel Peace Prize Laterhewaskilled.

M. LutherKing

Bob Geldof


is anIrishsinger, songwriterand politicalactivist. Heorganised the charity super-concert to raisemoneyforstarvingpeople in Ethiopia.

Imprisonedfor over 20 years

Others good examples among famous people



AnAmericanactress, has adoptedchildrenfomAsia and Africa, she has workedfor UNICEF to helpchildren and refugees


Sheworkedforcharities and supported the internationalcampaign to banlandmines

AnAlbaniannunliving in India, shehelpedsick and poor peoplethere

Princess Diana

Bad examples


A Britishsinger, verytalentedbutwithlotsofproblems – shewasdrug and alcoholaddicted, tried to commitsuicideseveraltimesand had problemswithdepression. Shedied in Julythisyear.


A richAmericanbusinesswoman, lovespartying and mediaattention


We should distinquish between


  • ROLE MODEL - is a goodexampleforuswithapositive, goodbehaviour, wecanfind RM amongrelatives, famouspeople

  • Whois a your role model ?

  • Idol - is a person thatweidolize and try to imitate, idolscanalsobenegativeexamplesforpeople - theyimitatethem in behaviour or clothing ( admire/adore)

  • Haveyouever had any idol?

Literary or film heroes

Literary or film heroes


A youngwizard, trying to overcome the evilwizard Lord Voldemort

AnEnglishoutlaw - robberwhorobbedfrom the rich and gave to the poor

Everyday heroes


  • Peoplewhotry to helpotherpeople and rescuetheirlives to saveothers

  • or help the victimsofnatural

    disasterssuchas ........






Answer the questions

Answer the questions:

  • 1. Are allpeople the same?

  • 2. Compare the terms „role model“ and „idol“

  • 3. Whoinfluencesusduringourlife?

  • 4.Teenagers and famouspeople

  • 5. Whatinfluence do celebritieshave on youngpeople? Giveexamples

  • 6. Who are literaryand everyday heroes?

  • 7. What are your vices, virtues or bad habits? 8. Would you like to get rid of some of them?

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