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Stigmas in mental illness
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Stigmas in Mental Illness. What is a stigma?. What is a stigma?. An attempt to label a particular group of people as less worthy of respect than others A mark of shame, disgrace or disapproval that results in discrimination

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Stigmas in Mental Illness

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Stigmas in mental illness

Stigmas in Mental Illness

What is a stigma

What is a stigma?

What is a stigma1

What is a stigma?

  • An attempt to label a particular group of people as less worthy of respect than others

  • A mark of shame, disgrace or disapproval that results in discrimination

  • Not just matter of using the wrong word or action – its about disrespect

What are some stigmas about mental illness

What are some stigmas about mental illness?

Mental illness stigmas

Mental Illness Stigmas

  • It’s the fault of the individual

  • It’s a sign of weakness

  • They’re crazy/psycho/out of their minds

  • They belong in the loony bin

  • Its all in their heads

  • Only quitters attempt suicide

  • Your choosing to be sad/angry/messed up/ different

  • They need to get over it

  • They must be stupid/ retarted

  • They’re all dangerous and should be locked away

  • They’re not sick because nothing is physically wrong with them

Why are stigmas a problem for those dealing with mental illness

Why are stigmas a problem for those dealing with Mental Illness?

Why are stigmas a problem

Why are stigmas a problem?

  • Inadequate insurance coverage for mental health services

  • Fear, mistrust, and violence against people living with mental illness and their families

  • Family and friends turning their backs on people with mental illness

  • Prejudice and discrimination

  • Discrimination against those with mental illness can keep them from seeking treatment

Discrimination and seeking help

Discrimination and seeking help

  • 1 in 5 Americans live with a mental disorder

  • Estimates indicate that nearly 2/3s of all people with a diagnosable mental illness do not seek treatment

  • Lack of knowledge, rejection of friends, and discrimination are a few reasons why people may not seek treatment

Stigmas in mental illness

Discrimination against people with mental illness violates their rights and denies themopportunities

  • People with mental illnesses often experience discrimination in the workplace, education, housing, and healthcare

How can we fight stigma

How Can We Fight Stigma?

Stigmas in mental illness

Put the person before the illness – use phrases such “person with schizophrenia”.

Never use terms like crazy, lunatic, psycho, retarded, and correct people who do so

1. Use respectful language:

Stigmas in mental illness

Include mental illness in discussions

Spread understanding that these are illnesses like any other

2. Talk/ Teach about it:

Stigmas in mental illness

Create awareness by writing letters to newspapers and lawmakers.

Speak out and challenge stereotypes portrayed in the media.

Take it upon yourself to inform your community about the truth about mental illness

3. Become an Advocate:

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  • NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) –



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