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B.S.E.E Program. General Education and Pre-professional 48 creditsCollege Core and Accreditation 22 creditsElectrical Engineering Core 27 creditsEE Specializations 11 or 12 creditsEE Electives 17 or 18 creditsTotal is 126 credits - fixed by state rule. General Education and Pre-professional.

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ABET 2000

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1. ABET 2000 Methodology of Evaluation - rather than credit counting Outcomes assessment Faculty Review of Performance Survey Students Survey Recruiters / Alums Panels for targeted feedback Show coupling of assessment to curriculum renewal and overhaul Verify that students meet nationally recognized criteria

2. B.S.E.E Program General Education and Pre-professional 48 credits College Core and Accreditation 22 credits Electrical Engineering Core 27 credits EE Specializations 11 or 12 credits EE Electives 17 or 18 credits Total is 126 credits - fixed by state rule

3. General Education and Pre-professional Humanities and Social Sciences - 15 credits Must include international studies and diversity Usually satisfy Gordon Rule (Writing requirement) Calculus and Differential Equations - 15 credits Science - 15 credits Chemistry I and lab Physics I and II and labs Chemistry or Biology General Elective - 3 Raised Admissions Standards to Upper Division

4. College Core and Accreditation Technical Writing - 3 credits Advanced Math and Statistics - 7 credits Ethics - 1 credit College Breadth - 9 credits Mechanical Engineering - Thermo, Mechanical Design Engineering Science - Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials Engineering Economics Advanced Math - Now teaching within ECE Computing Elective - 2 credits

5. Electrical Engineering Core Circuits I and II and lab - 7 credits Signals and Systems - 3 credits Electronics and lab - 4 credits Solid State Devices - 3 credits Electromagnetic Fields - 3 credits Digital Logic and lab - 4 credits Senior Design - 3 credits

6. Additional EE Specializations - Choose 3 of these 5 Areas: Power and Energy + lab Analog or Digital Electronics + lab Communications + lab Linear Controls + lab Microprocessors + lab Electives 17 - 18 credits Represents much of the senior year

7. Curriculum Goals Broad Education General Ed, College Breadth Gordon Rule Knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering General Ed, Math, Science, College Core Engineering Problem Solving College Core EE Core, EE Electives Senior Design / IPPD Design and Conduct Experiments Physics, Chemistry, ECE - minimum 9 credits of labs Statistics Senior Design / IPPD

8. B.S./M.S. Program Increasingly Popular Graduate Electives can be doubled counted 6 or 12 credits (depending on GPA) Streamlined 30 credit hour, non-thesis option Course work only option - no final exit exam required Completion possible in 1 additional calendar year (9, 9, 6) Encouraging all qualified students to pursue

9. ABET Processes - Objectives ABET Board has a lot of input ABET Board is to review surveys - more later

10. ABET Processes - Objectives Course Committees are key Faculty Review Data, Set Standards, Control Content

11. Fall 2006 Visit Clean bill of health - full six year accreditation with no issues Items that came up in review - considered minor Faculty / Staff / Students / Board Members did great Worked long hours during the review to respond

12. Issues Objectives Outcomes Design and Conduct Experiments Professional Statistics Standards

13. ABET Definitions Objectives Broad Statements Goals for students 5 years after graduation Measured by surveys / focus groups Outcomes Specific skills Measured at graduation time Direct measurement (not grades or surveys)

14. BSEE Objectives The objectives of the EE program at UF are to prepare students for: Successful careers in a dynamic industry that is global, multi-disciplinary, and evolving; Admission to, and excelling in, the best graduate programs in the world; Good citizenship by engaging in ethical engineering for the betterment of society and the world. Cant do #2 for all students - not clear that it isnt a goal for all students

15. BSEE Objectives - Change The objectives of the EE program at UF are to prepare students for: 1. Successful careers in a dynamic industry that is global, multi-disciplinary, and evolving; and/or admission to, and excelling in, the best graduate programs in the world; 2. Good citizenship by engaging in ethical engineering for the betterment of society and the world. Evaluator seemed happy with this change

16. Action Items Is this wording ok? Should we come up with an alternate? Change has been approved, but should we redo in a more major way?

17. BSEE Outcomes Design and Conduct Experiments Fortunate 3304 - Design a testing plan for a circuit 3304 - Design a procedure for parameter extraction 3701 - Design a circuit and test vectors to verify operation 4744 - Design controllers and testing protocols 4914 - Design in test plan with design

18. Professional - Statistics and Probability Appropriate to discipline Not enough to require a course Included 3304 Device parameter extraction and variations 3396 Boltzmann Statistics, Linear reduction 4331 Probability functions in describing doping 4514 Noise in communications systems and impact on signals 4914 Least Squares, Data Reduction

19. Professional - Standards Appropriate use of standards in design Throughout curriculum CprE classes - 5V design of logic, bus standards Power - power standards Communications - many standards Microprocessor families and designs Examples in Senior Design USB / Ethernet Communication GPS Power Control

20. Lessons Learned Very detailed about data and history ChemE was asked to provide all faculty minutes. Post relevant data on the web site to maintain records Outcomes and Links to classes Lucky - some classes changed labs and dropped ABET items Explicit list what the outcome is in a course Include this in the standard syllabus approved by course committee Survey refinement (More Later) Work on opportunities for multi / inter disciplinary Clarify definitions Extend Senior Design (More Later)

21. Counseling Assistants - Intro Poor Retention Freshmen to Junior Lose about 50% of incoming freshmen Retention is excellent when they hit our classes Math instruction is poor Students are under prepared Data on ABET Outcome a - an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering

22. Counseling Assistants Hire rising seniors to be counseling assistants CAs will: Help 15 - 25 students Show interest, monitor grades, direct to resources Provide additional help in calculus - help sessions Provide relevance of courses to degree Guide students to professional opportunities Show the department cares and wants freshmen to succeed Major benefits Connect students to the department Find peers in major / social structure

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