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Advantages and disadvantages of container gardening Cultural requirements and issues pertaining container gardening What to plant in containers

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Container Gardening:


  • What you’ll learn today…

  • Advantages and disadvantages of container gardening

  • Cultural requirements and issues pertaining

  • container gardening

  • What to plant in containers

Container gardening l.jpg
Container gardening

  • What is container gardening?

    • Container gardening is growing vegetables __________________________ and not in the ground

  • Has been practiced for 1000’s of years

    • Hanging Gardens of Babylon

  • Container gardens can be a way for elderly or disabled to garden

Advantages of container gardening l.jpg
Advantages of container gardening

  • Can grow vegetables _________ ________ _____________

  • Can grow vegetables where __________ ______________ is impossible

    • Apartments

    • Patios

  • Can soften harsh landscapes

  • Provides source of fresh food

Differences from growing vegetables in ground l.jpg
Differences from growing vegetables in ground

  • Container gardening is less forgiving of mistakes – WHY? _____________________

  • Environment harsher for plants in containers – WHY? _____________________________

  • Plants have limited root volume

  • Easier to control environment in containers

  • Fewer problems with weeds

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Check out this website for more information. Pictures are also from this site. UrbanAgriculture/Garden.htm

Rooftop wading pool gardens

Feed sack gardens

The big thing to remember with container gardening l.jpg
The Big Thing to Remember with Container Gardening… also from this site.

YOU are providing everything that the _____________

________________ provides to an in-ground garden

There’s a lot to think about!

What s needed to grow healthy vegetables in containers l.jpg
What’s needed to grow healthy vegetables in containers? also from this site.

  • A sufficient supply of nutrients

    • Especially the __________ ______________

    • Regular fertilization is important

    • Liquid fertilizer easiest to use for containers

  • The right pH

    • ________ to __________

  • Watering

    • One of the most important things!

    • Frequency and amount depends on root area, plant, and environment

    • Some vegetables will need watering very day

Putting the container in container gardening l.jpg
Putting the also from this site. Container in Container Gardening…

  • Considerations with containers

    • Vegetable grown will determine

      size of container

    • Avoid containers with __________ openings

    • Cheap plastic pots will deteriorate rapidly in UV light

    • Terracotta pots __________ _______ rapidly

    • Wood containers

      • Tend to rot

      • Cedar or redwood are less susceptible to rot

      • Avoid wood treated with creosote, penta, or other toxic compounds

More container info l.jpg
More Container Info also from this site.

  • Considerations with containers

    • Use ________ enough and _________ enough containers to allow good root growth

    • _________-_____________ containers lessen heat absorption and encourage even root growth

    • 6-10 inch size adequate for green onion, parsley, herbs

    • 5 gallon size good for tomatoes, peppers, eggplant

Drainage in container gardens l.jpg
Drainage in Container Gardens also from this site.

  • Good drainage

    • Make sure media does not retain too much moisture

    • _______ media to allow for air space and drainage

    • Containers must have adequate drain holes

    • Make sure holes are not blocked

    • Add _________ of coarse gravel at the bottom of the container to improve drainage

Temperatures light photoperiod l.jpg
Temperatures, Light, also from this site. & Photoperiod

  • Air and soil temperature

    • Air temperatures can be substantially ________________ than over bare ground

    • Soils in containers can become quite hot or cold

    • Select vegetables according to the environment

  • Sufficient light and correct photoperiod

    • Need at least ____________ of direct sunlight

    • Order of amount of light needed

      • Fruiting > Root vegetables > Leaf vegetables

    • Artificial lights can extend _______________

Air exchange root growth l.jpg
Air Exchange & also from this site. Root Growth

  • Plants need ample air exchange

    • _____________ and other toxic substances do not build up

  • Root area

    • Critical factor in container gardening

    • Want container size/ root

      volume as large as possible

    • Otherwise plants can become ___________________

Growing vegetables herbs what you ll want l.jpg
Growing Vegetables & Herbs: also from this site. What You’ll Want

  • Requirements

    • Continuous yield

    • Easy to grow

      • Do not have a lot of insect or disease problems

    • Choose plants you’ll like eating

    • Compact, low growing, ________, or ___________ varieties

    • Colorful foliage or fruits:

      ornamental &


Suggestions for herbs cultivars l.jpg
Suggestions for also from this site. Herbs & Cultivars

  • Kitchen herbs

    • Basil

    • Rosemary

    • Chives

    • Sage

    • Thyme

  • Pots or baskets of tomato plants

    • Use cultivars bred for _________________________

    • Totally Tomatoes’ container gardening pack…

More vegetable suggestions l.jpg
More Vegetable Suggestions also from this site.

  • Pots of hot peppers

    • Small colorful fruit

  • Window boxes

    • Leaf lettuces or _________


    • Different types of radishes

  • Cucumbers on trellises

  • Hanging baskets

    • ________ _________ _________