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Fossil Jeopardy

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Fossil Jeopardy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fossil Jeopardy. Rhonda Hakimovich E ED 616. Home Page. Final Jeopardy. Answer Board. Home. $1000. $1000. $1000. $1000. $1000. Answer: primeval. Question: What is ancient?. Answer: hard. Question: What is difficult?. Answer: wandered. Question: What is roamed?.

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Fossil Jeopardy

Rhonda Hakimovich

E ED 616


Home Page



Answer Board







answer primeval
Answer: primeval

Question: What is ancient?

answer hard
Answer: hard

Question: What is difficult?

answer wandered
Answer: wandered

Question: What is roamed?

answer famished
Answer: famished

Question: What is starved?

answer extravasate
Answer: extravasate

Question: What is erupt?

answer the antonym of living
Answer: The antonym of living

Question: What is extinct?

answer the antonym of nascent
Answer: The antonym of nascent

Question: What is fossilized?

answer the antonym of fluid
Answer: The antonym of fluid

Question: What is petrified?

answer the antonym of concealment
Answer:The antonym of concealment

Question: What is discovery?

answer the antonym of modern
Answer: The antonym of modern

Question: What is prehistoric?

answer this prefix means three
Answer: This prefix means three

Question: What is tri?

answer this prefix means first
Answer: This prefix means first

Question: What is proto?

answer this prefix means thunder
Answer: This prefix means thunder

Question: What is bronto?

answer this prefix means alarming
Answer: This prefix means alarming

Question: What is tarbo?

answer this prefix means thick
Answer: This prefix means thick

Question: What is pachy?

in greek this root means other
In Greek this root means:other

Question: What is allo?

in greek this root means duck
In Greek this root means:duck

Question: What is anato?

in greek this root means curved
In Greek this root means: curved

Question: What is ankylo?

in greek this root means hollow
In Greek this root means: hollow

Question: What is coelo?

in greek this root means thief
In Greek this root means:thief

Question: What is raptor?

this dinosaur s name means double headed reptile
This dinosaur’s name meansdouble-headed reptile

Question: What is


this dinosaur s name means heavy armored imitator
This dinosaur’s name meansheavy armored imitator

Question: What is


this dinosaur s name means leaping flower mimic
This dinosaur’s name meansleaping flower mimic

Question: What is saltoanthomimus?

this dinosaur s name means strange reed shape
This dinosaur’s name meansstrange reed shape

Question: What is xenocalamomorph?

this dinosaur s name means white large two clawed reptile
This dinosaur’s name means:white, large two-clawed reptile

Question: What is


Final Jeopardy:Paleontologists hypothesize that dinosaurs are still among us, represented by these feathered creatures.
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