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What is FCCLA? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is FCCLA?. Information Packet . FCCLA Stands For:. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. What is FCCLA?. a career and technical student organization for teens males and females can join nationally recognized

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What is FCCLA?

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What is FCCLA?

Information Packet

FCCLA Stands For:

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

What is FCCLA?

  • a career and technical student organization for teens

  • males and females can join

  • nationally recognized

  • members are or have been enrolled in Family and Consumer Sciences courses

FCCLA-the only organization of its kind that :

  • focuses on family issues

  • uses individual and team projects to provide leadership opportunities

  • develops critical thinking and decision making skills

  • recognizes student achievement

How long has FCCLA been around?

  • was known as Future Homemakers of America (FHA) from 1945-1999

  • name changed in 1999 to FCCLA

The mission of FCCLA is:

  • to promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) courses

Focusing On The Multiple Roles of:

  • family member

  • wage earner

  • community leader

Members develop skills for life through 5 Key Areas:

Character Development

Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

Interpersonal Communication

Practical Knowledge

Career Preparation

8 Purposes

  • Refer to the “Building Skills For Life” Handout

  • Circle the purposes

Organizational Structure

  • National Level: 4 regions, Colorado is the PACIFIC region, national officers and staff

  • State Level: state officers and staff in each state

  • District Level: 12 districts in Colorado, Windsor is in the Northern District

  • Local Level: WHS!

Important National Information

  • National Cluster Meeting November 16-17


    Please plan to attend!!!

Important State Information

  • State President

    Alex Fouts, Bear Creek High School

  • State Theme

    “FCCLA: Press Play”

    State Conference April 3-5, 2008

    Marriott Denver Tech Center

    Denver, CO

Important District Information:

  • Alex Hilim is the Northern District Vice- President of Archives for this school year

Important Local Information:

  • WHS is an INTRA-CURRICULAR chapter, meaning that FCCLA activities that we do are integrated into the classroom as much as possible (minimizes time spent outside of class)

  • FCCLA activities are utilized to enhance course content

  • you are a local member because you are in a course in the FCS Department

Stucture of Local FCCLA:

  • Mrs. Clarke’s Classes

    • Interior Design

    • Fashion Design

    • Teen Choices

Ms. Miller’s Classes:

  • Catering

  • Relationships

  • Nutrition and Wellness

Mrs. Francis’ Classes:

  • Catering

  • Child and Adolescent Development

  • Life Management

2 Types of Members:

  • Nationally-affiliated Member: can run for office, attend district, state, and national conferences, receive the “Teen Times” magazine, can use the information on his/her resume or college application

  • Local Member: can participate in local activities

Cost of Dues

  • National: includes national, state, district, and local dues $22.00

  • Due by Friday; September 14, 2007 to your advisor

    Please Note: If you are enrolled in more than one FCS course, you only have to pay dues once.

Executive Officer Team

  • 1 rep will be selected from each course

  • no more than 4 nominations

  • will give a 1 minute speech in class using a prop to describe him/herself

  • rep selected will fill out an application for a position on EOT

  • must pay national dues

  • attend meetings at 7:30 a.m. the first Friday of each month

Officer Responsibilities

  • President: “in charge”, oversees the WHS FCCLA program of work

  • VP/PR: takes over for president when needed, National FCCLA Week in February

Officer Responsibilities Continued:

  • S/R: writes newspaper articles, maintains membership list, correspondence

  • T: collects dues, helps S/R maintain membership list, keeps track of budget, assists advisers with spending approval

  • H: takes pictures, purchases film and has film developed, creates a memory book of all FCCLA activities for the current school year

  • Classroom Rep: attends monthly meetings and reports on class activities

6 Areas of Involvement:

  • Fundraising: how can we raise money?

  • Social Activities: what can we do to have fun together and get to know each other better?

  • Community Service: what can we do for the Windsor community?

  • School Service: how can we make WHS a better place?

  • Field Trips and Guest Speakers: where can we go to learn more about what we study in class and who can we invite into class to help us learn more?

  • Public Relations: what can we do to tell people what we are doing in FCCLA?

Small Group Activity

FCCLA Opportunities

  • See Handout For Schedule of Meetings

Participation Points

  • Fill Out Chart

FCCLA Trivia


  • Red: stands for strength, courage, and determination

  • White: symbolizes sincerity of purpose and integrity of action


  • Red rose: because it gives joy through its beauty and fragrance, symbolizes a desire for beauty in everyday living


  • Toward New Horizons


  • A futuristic logo that shows that FCCLA is a dynamic, active organization bound for the future.

  • The dominant collegiate lettering articulates a focus on education and student leadership.


  • See Handout

National Headquarters

  • Reston, VA

Web Site Addresses

  • www.fcclainc.org

  • www.fccla.cccs.edu

Other Career and Technical Student Organizations:


  • FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America, related to Business Education programs)

  • FFA (related to Agriculture Education programs)

Not at WHS:

  • SkillsUSA (related to Industrial Technology)

  • DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America, related to Marketing Education)

  • HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America, related to Health Occupations programs)

National Programs

  • See Handout

STAR Events

  • “STAR” stands for: students Taking Action with Recognition

  • include a variety of competitive events that will be incorporated into our course work

STAR Events Available

  • See Handout

Planning Process

  • 5-step process used to develop projects

  • refer to the handout

  • Small Group Activity using the process: Break into groups of 3 or 4, pick 1 project from your areas of involvement brainstorming and using the planning process, develop this project on paper

Have a terrific year in FCCLA: PRESS PLAY!

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