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What is FCCLA?. Information Packet . FCCLA Stands For:. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. What is FCCLA?. a career and technical student organization for teens males and females can join nationally recognized

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What is FCCLA?

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What is fccla l.jpg

What is FCCLA?

Information Packet

Fccla stands for l.jpg

FCCLA Stands For:

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

What is fccla3 l.jpg

What is FCCLA?

  • a career and technical student organization for teens

  • males and females can join

  • nationally recognized

  • members are or have been enrolled in Family and Consumer Sciences courses

Fccla the only organization of its kind that l.jpg

FCCLA-the only organization of its kind that :

  • focuses on family issues

  • uses individual and team projects to provide leadership opportunities

  • develops critical thinking and decision making skills

  • recognizes student achievement

How long has fccla been around l.jpg

How long has FCCLA been around?

  • was known as Future Homemakers of America (FHA) from 1945-1999

  • name changed in 1999 to FCCLA

The mission of fccla is l.jpg

The mission of FCCLA is:

  • to promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) courses

Focusing on the multiple roles of l.jpg

Focusing On The Multiple Roles of:

  • family member

  • wage earner

  • community leader

Members develop skills for life through 5 key areas l.jpg

Members develop skills for life through 5 Key Areas:

Character development l.jpg

Character Development

Creative and critical thinking skills l.jpg

Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

Interpersonal communication l.jpg

Interpersonal Communication

Practical knowledge l.jpg

Practical Knowledge

Career preparation l.jpg

Career Preparation

8 purposes l.jpg

8 Purposes

  • Refer to the “Building Skills For Life” Handout

  • Circle the purposes

Organizational structure l.jpg

Organizational Structure

  • National Level: 4 regions, Colorado is the PACIFIC region, national officers and staff

  • State Level: state officers and staff in each state

  • District Level: 12 districts in Colorado, Windsor is in the Northern District

  • Local Level: WHS!

Important national information l.jpg

Important National Information

  • National Cluster Meeting November 16-17


    Please plan to attend!!!

Important state information l.jpg

Important State Information

  • State President

    Alex Fouts, Bear Creek High School

  • State Theme

    “FCCLA: Press Play”

    State Conference April 3-5, 2008

    Marriott Denver Tech Center

    Denver, CO

Important district information l.jpg

Important District Information:

  • Alex Hilim is the Northern District Vice- President of Archives for this school year

Important local information l.jpg

Important Local Information:

  • WHS is an INTRA-CURRICULAR chapter, meaning that FCCLA activities that we do are integrated into the classroom as much as possible (minimizes time spent outside of class)

  • FCCLA activities are utilized to enhance course content

  • you are a local member because you are in a course in the FCS Department

Stucture of local fccla l.jpg

Stucture of Local FCCLA:

  • Mrs. Clarke’s Classes

    • Interior Design

    • Fashion Design

    • Teen Choices

Ms miller s classes l.jpg

Ms. Miller’s Classes:

  • Catering

  • Relationships

  • Nutrition and Wellness

Mrs francis classes l.jpg

Mrs. Francis’ Classes:

  • Catering

  • Child and Adolescent Development

  • Life Management

2 types of members l.jpg

2 Types of Members:

  • Nationally-affiliated Member: can run for office, attend district, state, and national conferences, receive the “Teen Times” magazine, can use the information on his/her resume or college application

  • Local Member: can participate in local activities

Cost of dues l.jpg

Cost of Dues

  • National: includes national, state, district, and local dues $22.00

  • Due by Friday; September 14, 2007 to your advisor

    Please Note: If you are enrolled in more than one FCS course, you only have to pay dues once.

Executive officer team l.jpg

Executive Officer Team

  • 1 rep will be selected from each course

  • no more than 4 nominations

  • will give a 1 minute speech in class using a prop to describe him/herself

  • rep selected will fill out an application for a position on EOT

  • must pay national dues

  • attend meetings at 7:30 a.m. the first Friday of each month

Officer responsibilities l.jpg

Officer Responsibilities

  • President: “in charge”, oversees the WHS FCCLA program of work

  • VP/PR: takes over for president when needed, National FCCLA Week in February

Officer responsibilities continued l.jpg

Officer Responsibilities Continued:

  • S/R: writes newspaper articles, maintains membership list, correspondence

  • T: collects dues, helps S/R maintain membership list, keeps track of budget, assists advisers with spending approval

Slide28 l.jpg

  • H: takes pictures, purchases film and has film developed, creates a memory book of all FCCLA activities for the current school year

  • Classroom Rep: attends monthly meetings and reports on class activities

6 areas of involvement l.jpg

6 Areas of Involvement:

  • Fundraising: how can we raise money?

  • Social Activities: what can we do to have fun together and get to know each other better?

  • Community Service: what can we do for the Windsor community?

  • School Service: how can we make WHS a better place?

Slide30 l.jpg

  • Field Trips and Guest Speakers: where can we go to learn more about what we study in class and who can we invite into class to help us learn more?

  • Public Relations: what can we do to tell people what we are doing in FCCLA?

Small group activity l.jpg

Small Group Activity

Fccla opportunities l.jpg

FCCLA Opportunities

  • See Handout For Schedule of Meetings

Participation points l.jpg

Participation Points

  • Fill Out Chart

Fccla trivia l.jpg

FCCLA Trivia

Colors l.jpg


  • Red: stands for strength, courage, and determination

  • White: symbolizes sincerity of purpose and integrity of action

Flower l.jpg


  • Red rose: because it gives joy through its beauty and fragrance, symbolizes a desire for beauty in everyday living

Motto l.jpg


  • Toward New Horizons

Emblem l.jpg


  • A futuristic logo that shows that FCCLA is a dynamic, active organization bound for the future.

  • The dominant collegiate lettering articulates a focus on education and student leadership.

Creed l.jpg


  • See Handout

National headquarters l.jpg

National Headquarters

  • Reston, VA

Web site addresses l.jpg

Web Site Addresses

  • www.fcclainc.org

  • www.fccla.cccs.edu

Other career and technical student organizations l.jpg

Other Career and Technical Student Organizations:


  • FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America, related to Business Education programs)

  • FFA (related to Agriculture Education programs)

Not at whs l.jpg

Not at WHS:

  • SkillsUSA (related to Industrial Technology)

  • DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America, related to Marketing Education)

  • HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America, related to Health Occupations programs)

National programs l.jpg

National Programs

  • See Handout

Star events l.jpg

STAR Events

  • “STAR” stands for: students Taking Action with Recognition

  • include a variety of competitive events that will be incorporated into our course work

Star events available l.jpg

STAR Events Available

  • See Handout

Planning process l.jpg

Planning Process

  • 5-step process used to develop projects

  • refer to the handout

  • Small Group Activity using the process: Break into groups of 3 or 4, pick 1 project from your areas of involvement brainstorming and using the planning process, develop this project on paper

Have a terrific year in fccla press play l.jpg

Have a terrific year in FCCLA: PRESS PLAY!

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