The origin of the universe
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The Origin of the Universe. 邱敏華 4000Z026 楊夢庭 4000Z030 蘇于 庭 4000Z033 黃騰 緯 4001J018 陳 宛吟 4980Z033. First Paragraph-words and phrases. record-to take down; to clock up 紀錄 記載 字首 -re 再 , 回 字根 -cord 心 ongoing- 前進的 ; 進行的 ; 不間斷的

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The Origin of the Universe

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The Origin of the Universe

邱敏華 4000Z026

楊夢庭 4000Z030

蘇于庭 4000Z033

黃騰緯 4001J018

陳宛吟 4980Z033

First Paragraph-words and phrases

  • record-to take down; to clock up 紀錄 記載

    字首-re再,回 字根-cord心

  • ongoing-前進的; 進行的; 不間斷的

  • controversy-to argue; to dispute; to debate; to controvert 爭論

    字首-contro相反,反對 字根-vers轉,旋,翻 字尾-y行為,狀態

  • particular-special 特殊的

    字首-part部分,分開 字根-i+cul(e)小 字尾-ar有...特性的

  • debate-to argue; to debate; to dispute; to moot 辯論, 討論, 爭論

    字首-de向下 字根-bat擊 字尾-e(v.n)

  • create-to create; to initiate; to coin 創造; 創作; 設計

    字根-creat生長出來 字尾-e(v)

  • equally-similarly 相同地; 同樣地

    字根-equa均等 字尾-ally以...方式

Main ideas of the first paragraph

  • Debate has centered around how-or if the universe began.

  • There is one school of thought considering that the universe was created.

Second Paragraph-words and phrases

  • philosopher-哲學家

  • exist-to exist;existence;[Philosophy] being 存在

    字首-ex出向外 (s)ist站立

  • eternal-永久的;永恆的;無窮的

  • static-靜的;穩定的

    字根-stat站立 字尾-(a)ic具有...特性的,與...有關的

  • unchanging-不變的

    字首-un不 字根-chang(e)改變 字尾-ing...的

  • belief-to believe; to trust; to be convinced of 相信; 信任,信賴

  • significantly-意味深長地 值得注目地

    字首-sign標記,指明 字根-i+fic做 字尾-ant有...作用的 ly以...方式

Main ideas of the second paragraph

  • Greek philosopher Aristotle thought the universe had existed and would exist forever and thought it was eternal and perfect.

  • Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions and the Greek philosopher had one thought in common was that the universe itself was static and unchanging.

Third paragraph-words of phrases

  • evidence-evidence; proof; testimony; witness 證據; 證詞; 證人; 物證

    字首-e出,外 字根-vid看 字尾-ence狀態,功能

  • motionless-不動的, 靜止的

    字根-mot運動 字尾-ion行為 less無,不

  • unchanging-不變的

    字首-un不 字根-chang(e) 字尾-ing...的

  • Formulate-to establish; to set up; to institute 使公式化; 用公式表示 制定

  • thermodynamics-熱電學

  • entropy-熵(熱力學函數)

  • disorder-disorder; chaos; anarchy; disarray 混亂, 無秩序

    字首-dis不,相反 字根-ord條理,次序 字尾-er行為,狀態

  • according-相符的; 和諧的; 相應的

    字首-ac向,靠近 字根-cord心 字尾-ing有...性質

Third paragraph-words of phrases(1)

  • gravity-gravity;gravitation;weight重力;引力;地心吸力

  • attract-to attract;tofascinate;to arrest; to engage 吸; 吸引

    字首-at向,對 字根-tract拉,拖

  • collapse-to collapse;to topple down;to fall in 倒塌

    字首-col一起 字根-laps跌落 字尾-e(v)

  • motionless-不動的;靜止的

    字根-mot運動 字尾-ion行為 less無,不

  • unavoidable-ineluctable;inescapable不可避免的

    字首-un不 字根-a使處於...狀態 void空 字尾-able 可...的

  • increase-to strengthen; to reinforce; to heighten; to enhance ;to raise; to add 增大; 增加; 增強

    字首-in加強 字根-creas生長 字尾-e(v,n)

Main ideas of the third paragraph

  • The German physicist formulated the second law of thermodynamics

  • The universe must be changing in some ways for its entropy keeps increasing.

Fourth Paragraph--words and phrases

  • observe-to notice; to note; to be aware of 看到, 注意到

    字首-ob在上 字根-serv守護 字尾-e(v)

  • increase-to strengthen; to reinforce; to heighten; to enhance ;to raise; to add 增大; 增加; 增強

    字首-in加強 字根-crease生長 字尾-ed...的

  • identify-to find 發現

  • celestial-天的, 天空的

  • shift-to shift; to transfer; to divert; to change 轉移; 移動

Main ideas of the Fourth paragraph

  • US astronomer, Edwin Hubble identified the wavelengths and colors of the stars’ light changed.

  • This observation led to the assumption that the universe was expanding.

Fifth Paragraph-words and phrases

  • observation-to observe an observation 觀察; 觀測; 觀察力 觀察(或觀測)資料(或報告)

    字首-ob在上 字根-serv守護 字尾-ation行為,結果

  • assumption-a hypothesis; an assumption 假定, 設想[U][C][+(that)]

  • expansion-to stretch; to extend; to spread; to expand; to aggrandize 擴展; 擴張

  • refer-認為...起源(於)[(+to)]

    字首-re回 字根-fer攜帶

  • according-相符的; 和諧的; 相應的

    字首-ac向,靠近 字根-cord心 字尾-ing有...性質

  • prior-forward 在前; 居先[(+to)]

  • calculated-計算而得的

    字首-dis分離 字根-(s)ta站立 字尾-(a)nce程度,狀態

Fifth Paragraph-words and phrases(1)

  • distance-distant 遠處[the S]; 遠的 遙遠

    字首-calc石 字根-ul小 字尾-at(e)使成為

  • velocity-fast; quick; high-speed; speedy 迅速; 快速[U]

  • experimental-實驗性的; 試驗性的

  • uncertainty-uncertain; uncertainty 不確定; 不確信; 易變; 不可靠[U]

  • definite-明確的, 確切的

    字首-de加強 字根-fin界限 字尾-ite具有...性質的

Main ideas of the Fifth paragraph

  • Hubble’s observation confirmed the Big band theory.

  • The Big Band theory makes us understand the age of the universe can be calculated form the distance, and it is between ten to twenty billion years old.

Sixth Paragraph-words and phrases

  • prediction-to predict; to foretell; to presage 預言; 預報[C][U]

    字首-pre先,前 字根-dict說 字尾-ion行為,結果

  • extremely- exceedingly; very; highly; dreadfully 極端地; 極其; 非常

  • dense-密集的, 稠密的

    字根-dens稠密 字尾-e(adj)

  • initial-開始的, 最初的

    字首-in入 字根-it走 字尾-ial具有...特性的

  • observable-看得見的; 顯著的

    字首-ob在上 字根-serv守護 字尾-able可...的

  • cosmic-universal 宇宙的

    字根-cosm秩序,宇宙 字尾-ic有...特性的

  • radiation-輻射

    字根-radi放光,射線 字尾-ation行為,結果

Sixth Paragraph-words and phrases(1)

  • imply-必然包含

  • technology-technique 技術

    字根-techn技巧 字尾-ology學科

  • detailed- 詳細的; 精細的

  • confirm-to verify; to confirm; to prove; to testify; to corroborate; to establish; to validate 證實 證明 確定的

    字首-con全 字根-firm堅固,確認

Main ideas of the Sixth paragraph

  • The early universe must have been extremely hot and dense and it would cool down as the universe expanded.

  • Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias discovered a technology to make scientists to take very detailed measurements of cosmic radiation.

Seventh Paragraph-words and phrases

  • result- an outcome; an effect 結果; 成果

  • relates-to narrate; to recount; to relate 敘述

    字首-re回 字根-lat攜帶 字尾-e(v)

  • expanding-to stretch; to extend; to spread; to expand; to aggrandize 擴張 擴展

  • surface-a surface; a face; the outside; the appearance; the exterior 面, 表面 外觀

    字首-sur上 字根-fac面 字尾-e(n,adj,v)

  • inflates-to expand; to inflate; to swell; to bulge; to bulk up; to puff up/out; to dilate 膨脹; 擴大 增大

    字首-in向內 字根-flat吹 字尾-e(v)

  • stretch-spread; to extend; to stretch 伸展

Main ideas of the Seventhparagraph

  • The universe is expanding but the galaxies are not moving; it’s much like the balloon inflates only the material stretches out

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