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SW-PBS: School-Wide Positive Behavior Support - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SW-PBS: School-Wide Positive Behavior Support. School-Wide Positive Behavior Support.

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SW-PBS: School-Wide Positive Behavior Support

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School-Wide Positive Behavior Support

School wide positive behavior support l.jpg

School-Wide Positive Behavior Support

School-wide Positive Behavior Support is a set of strategies and systems to increase the capacity of schools to (a) reduce school disruption, and (b) educate all students including those with problem behaviors.

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“Pupil achievement & behavior can be influenced (for better or worse) by the overall characteristics of the school environment.”

Rutter & Maughan, 2002

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Social Competence,

Academic Achievement, and Safety










Staff Behavior




Student Behavior

Designing school wide systems for student success l.jpg

Academic Systems

  • Intensive, Individual Interventions

  • Individual Students

  • Assessment-based

  • High Intensity

  • Intensive, Individual Interventions

  • Individual Students

  • Assessment-based

  • Intense, durable procedures

  • Targeted Group Interventions

  • Some students (at-risk)

  • High efficiency

  • Rapid response

  • Targeted Group Interventions

  • Some students (at-risk)

  • High efficiency

  • Rapid response

  • Universal Interventions

  • All students

  • Preventive, proactive

  • Universal Interventions

  • All settings, all students

  • Preventive, proactive

Designing School-Wide Systems for Student Success

Behavioral Systems







Iowa pbs alliance l.jpg

Iowa PBS Alliance

  • Iowa Department of Education

  • Drake Resource Center for Issues in Special Education

  • University of Iowa

  • Iowa State University

    • Research Institute for Studies in Education (RISE)

    • Extension 4-H Youth Development

  • Mental Health Initiative

  • Iowa Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health

Implementing sw pbs build a culture of competence l.jpg

Implementing SW-PBS:Build a Culture of Competence

  • Develop building level support

  • Define behavioral expectations

  • Teach behavioral expectations

  • Monitor and reward appropriate behavior

  • Provide corrective consequences for behavioral errors

  • Information-based problem solving

Panther pride l.jpg

Panther PRIDE

  • P – Preparation

  • R – Respect

  • I – Integrity

  • D – Dedication

  • E - Excellence

Teaching behavioral expectations l.jpg

Teaching Behavioral Expectations

Step 1: Define the expectation

Step 2: Provide a rationale

Step 3: Teach the acceptable behavior

Step 4: Model and practice expectations

Teaching in the actual setting l.jpg

Teaching in the Actual Setting

P a w s rewards program l.jpg

________________was caught following the

P.A.W.S. guidelines.

P = Please listen

A = Always be prepared

W = Work/act responsibly

S =Show respect

Caught by: ________________

2 tickets:

candy treat

first in line for lunch

10 tickets:

15 min. computer time

lunch with an adult

video for the weekend

earn back Wolverine letter

50 tickets (whole class):

popcorn party

extra 30 minute recess

30 minute video

P.A.W.S. Rewards Program

Odr per day per month l.jpg

ODR Per Day Per Month

Odr by student l.jpg

ODR By Student

An iowa middle school l.jpg

An Iowa Middle School

An iowa high school l.jpg

An Iowa High School

Impact of sw pbs on academic performance shep kellam l.jpg

Impact of SW-PBS on Academic Performance – Shep Kellam

  • Baltimore

  • Reading (literacy) + Behavior Support needed for effective gains in academic standards.

  • Logic (How does behavior support help?)

    • Behavior support improves minutes in instruction

    • Behavior support makes instructional minutes more effective

      • Behavior support creates a climate that is more calm and conducive to learning.

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Impact of SW-PBS on Academic Performance – Shep Kellam

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