Career development 2201
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Career Development 2201. Ready, Set, Go!. Materials Needed for Course. Two Binders [2 inch] Binder #1: Course Content Portfolio [CCP] + dividers Colors: Any color Binder #2: Employability Skills Portfolio [ESP] + 50 plastic sheets Colors: black, white, or blue.

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Career Development 2201

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Career Development 2201

Ready, Set, Go!

Materials Needed for Course

  • Two Binders [2 inch]

  • Binder #1: Course Content Portfolio [CCP] + dividers

  • Colors: Any color

  • Binder #2: Employability Skills Portfolio [ESP] + 50 plastic sheets

  • Colors: black, white, or blue

What do you need to bring to the course

  • Your enthusiasm

  • Your creativity

  • Your interest

  • Your willingness to learn

  • Your leadership

  • Your team work skills

  • Your independence

Career development is a personal development course

A course that allows you to learn about yourself…

to explore, to plan, to dream, to set and reach goals, to network, to manage time, to meet new people and to discover a multitude of opportunities that await you.

To learn skills such as

  • Fundamental Skills

  • Personal Management Skills

  • Team Work Skills

A time to meet new people through

  • Net working

  • Job Shadowing

  • Interviews

  • Guest Speakers

  • Community Contribution/ Volunteering

You will have the opportunity to

  • build your resume

  • write a cover letter

  • research career options

  • learn about your fellow classmates’ chosen occupations

  • take interest inventories

So back to your CCP

  • Dividers

  • Why are dividers necessary?

Suggested Dividers

  • Please feel free to name your dividers any way that is relevant to the course and best suits your organizational skills. The above is a suggestion only to help organize your Course Content Portfolio (CCP).

  • 1. Workbook

  • 2. Journal Entries

Dividers continued…

  • 3. Daily Work and notes from Career Development Text

  • 4. Career Cruising

  • 5. Assignments and Rubrics

  • 6. Group Work and Feedback

Dividers continued…

  • 7. Guest Speaker’s Feedback Forms

  • 8. Resume / Cover Letters

  • 9. Interest Inventories/Quizzes

  • 10. Community Contribution Form

  • 11. Work Safety Test


  • Handout of evaluator

  • Handout of course’s guideline

Community Contribution

  • Community Contribution - 30 hours - MandatoryEach student must complete 30 hours of community contribution to meet graduation requirements. It is strongly recommended that students complete these hours during the year they are taking the course. The finding of a placement to complete the volunteer work is the responsibility of the student. Students who decide to complete the hours while taking the course have the advantage of asking their teacher for advice and assistance in completing this mandatory requirement.

Time in the computer lab

  • Students must have a parent/guardian’s signed permission form for the use of school computers which will be handed out in class. It is important that this form is returned as quickly as possible – without this form students are not permitted to access school computers.

  • Students will be given time during class to work on assignments in the computer lab, but if work is not completed in the time allotted they are expected to complete work at home for the due date given.

Test must have note to subject teacher

10% per day

Late work must be accompanied by a note from parent(s) or guardian(s).

Late Work Policy- Read school policy!!

Teacher Contact Information

  • Mrs. Catherine Quigley


  • School phone number: 753-7510

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