Introducing the dqr concept dal dqr workshop brussels 19 20 february 2013
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Introducing the DQR Concept DAL/DQR Workshop Brussels, 19-20 February 2013 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introducing the DQR Concept DAL/DQR Workshop Brussels, 19-20 February 2013. Presented by: Miguel Rodrigues Paulo SES unit EUROCONTROL. Specification Scope.

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Introducing the DQR Concept DAL/DQR Workshop Brussels, 19-20 February 2013

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Introducing the DQR ConceptDAL/DQR WorkshopBrussels, 19-20 February 2013

Presented by:

Miguel Rodrigues Paulo

SES unit


Specification Scope

  • The scope of the DQR Specification is to address Article 6(1) – Data Quality Requirements - of the Commission Regulation (EU) No 73/2010 and the requirements in Annex IV, Part A.

  • The DQR Specification is built on the assumption that ICAO requirements for accuracy, resolution and integrity are considered to provide a sufficient baseline for current aeronautical data and aeronautical information data quality requirements

  • However, it is also recognised that there are known deficiencies that should be addressed, notably to support future operations, and the DQR Specification establish a standard methodology to derive new or updated data quality requirements

Editions History

  • Edition 0.9a, 01 July 2010, Draft sent for Consultation

    • Workshop 17/18 February 2011

    • Remove State Harmonised List

    • Revised Harmonised List

    • Priority to the DAL

  • Edition 0.10, 19 August 2011, Draft sent for Consultation

    • Priority to the DAL

    • Publication of the DAL, 15 March 2012

    • Comments incorporated

    • Limited Consultation

  • Ad-hoc Drafting Group meetings

    • Major conceptual change

    • Limit Harmonised List to ICAO baseline

    • Define methodology to derive new/updated requirements

  • Edition 0.11, 15 December 2012, Proposed Issue sent for Consultation

  • Edition 1.0, 18 January 2013, Published

Regulation Provisions (1)

Article 6(1)

  • Member States shall ensure that air navigation service providers comply with the data quality requirements laid down in Annex IV, Part A.

    Annex IV, Part A

  • ICAO Standards as the baseline for data quality requirements

  • If the data item is not defined in the ICAO standards or if the ICAO data quality standards do not met the data quality requirements for a specific data item, new data quality requirements may be established

  • New or updated data quality requirements shall be established based on a safety assessment of the intended use of the data item and in accordance with a standardised process.

Regulation Provisions (2)

Annex IV, Part A (cont.)

  • Data quality requirements:

    • accuracy and resolution

    • integrity level

    • ability to determine the origin of the data

    • level of assurance that the data is made available on time

Underlying Principles(1)

  • The DQR introduces the Data Quality Requirements Harmonised List (DQR HL)

  • Edition 1.0 of the DQR HL is published with an initial set of geospatial and other navigation data items, limited to those included in Appendix 7 of ICAO Annex 15

  • Integrity and resolution data quality requirements are transposed literally from ICAO Annex 15

  • Accuracy data quality requirements are transposed literally from ICAO Annex 11 and ICAO Annex 14

Underlying Principles(2)

  • The DQR Specification establish a standardised process for the derivation and validation of new or updated data quality requirements

    • Addition of data items and correspondent data quality requirements

    • Modification of existing data quality requirements

    • Removal of data items

    • Minimum requirements for the safety assessment for establishment of data quality requirements

  • Version management of the DQR HL will be independent of the DQR Specification

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