Two kinds
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Two Kinds. Short Story by AMY TAN. Plot Summary. Amy’s mom was a person with high expectations. She believed that anybody could do whatever they wanted to. Her mom thought that she was a prodigy. Amy always tried her hardest. Her mom kept pushing her harder and harder.

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Two Kinds

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Two kinds

Two Kinds

Short Story by AMY TAN

Two kinds

Plot Summary

  • Amy’s mom was a person with high expectations. She believed that anybody could do whatever they wanted to. Her mom thought that she was a prodigy.

  • Amy always tried her hardest. Her mom kept pushing her harder and harder.

  • Eventually, Amy got tired of her mother’s tests. She got to a breaking point. Amy wanted to quit piano and her mom didn’t want her too. An argument broke out and she said cruel things.

  • Amy’s mother eventually gave up on her. She stopped making her go to piano lessons, and gave up on her dreams of having a prodigy daughter.

  • When Amy was an adult, her mother offered her the piano for her birthday. Amy refused. However, when Amy’s mom passed away, she decided to take back up piano and figured out how to do it.

Two kinds

Plot Diagram

Amy’s mother pushed her too hard, and after she did terrible at the talent show, she wanted to give up on piano. Her and her mother got in a fight.

Amy’s mother stopped trying to get her to live up to her dream of having a prodigy daughter

Amy’s mother pushes her harder and harder and tests her

Amy’s mother sends her to piano lessons

Amy’s mother offers her the piano many years later, but she refuses

Amy’s mother is a optimistic person

Amy’s mother passes away, and while Amy is restoring the piano she figures out that the song she had tried to play had two parts you had to play at the same time.

Amy’s mother believes that Amy is a prodigy

Two kinds

Point of View

The point of view of Two Kinds is in first person. It is from Amy’s point of view.

Main characters

  • Amy:

    Amy is a little Asian girl with short cropped hair. She believes that she can be anybody she wants to be. She is determined to be herself and nothing other. She is very determined not let her mother change her.

  • Amy’s Mother:

    Amy’s mother is an older Asian women, she is very determined that she is right all of the time and she is constantly pushing her daughter to be her own little “prodigy”.




Man vs. Man

Amy vs. Her mom

Amy is constantly fighting her mother of the tests she is being given and how her mother expects so much out of her.

Man vs. Self

Amy vs. Amy

Amy is battling with herself about what she is going to do about her mothers expectations


The major theme in this story is individualism. For example, when Amy said, “I won’t let her change me, I promised myself. I won’t be what I’m not.” She is showing how she is herself and will not be changed unless she wants to change herself.


Two kinds


1. “I won’t let her change me, I promised myself. I won’t be what I’m not.”

2. “I also learned I could be lazy and get away with mistakes, lots of mistakes.”

3. Only two kids of daughters, those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind.

Two kinds

Figurative Language

Metaphor: “Instead of getting big fat curls, I emerged with an uneven mass of crinkly black fuzz.” Page 90

Personification: “I could sense her anger rising to its breaking point. I wanted to see it spill over.”

Page 98

Metaphor: “I saw the offer as a sign of forgiveness, a tremendous burden removed.”

Page 98

Two kinds

  • The main setting is Chinatown where Amy tan once lived


  • The other settings is the church hall were she plays the piano at the talent show




  • The moods that were displayed in this story were:

    • Anger: When Amy becomes tired of her mother’s tests and decides that no one can change her and that she will not be what she is not.

    • Sad and Upset: When Amy fails her mother at the talent show. She then became determined not to let her mother change her.

    • Happy- When Amy has the piano restored and she finally figures out how to play the piece that she could never play right.



The picture to the right represents Amy’s playing the piano. Her mother thought that she could be a great piano player but Amy didn’t think that it was the right thing for her.

Pictures cont

Pictures Cont…

The picture to the right is Amy Tan. She is the author of this book but was also the one who was being pressured into being her mothers little “prodigy”

The bottom picture is a picture that represents Amy herself playing the piano. This could be a picture from the scene where Amy is trying to learn how to play the piano.

Group reflection

Group Reflection

“ I thought that this book was a very realistic example of the conflicts that occur between a parent and a child. It is well written, but was not a kind of story that would keep my attention for very long” –Paul

“I thought the book was boring and not very interesting, but was very realistic and it portrayed a good example of the back and forth battles between parents and their kids.”-Ashley

“I couldn’t stay interested but I thought it was nice that Amy restored the piano and started playing it again after her mother past away”- Alec

“I thought that the book was boring and I couldn’t stay interested, but it was well written.”- Drew

I didn’t like the story because it was very dull and there wasn’t a lot going on”- Ben

Two kinds


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