Fca marketing strategy 2007 2008
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FCA Marketing Strategy 2007-2008 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FCA Marketing Strategy 2007-2008. Derek Hird. Presentation Outline. Introduction FCA Calendar Concept Ocean Waves Sunglasses Alpen Optics Website Development Oil and Gas Companies Automobile Manufacturers Canadian Apparel Marketing Agencies Questions and Answers. Introduction.

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FCA Marketing Strategy 2007-2008

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FCA Marketing Strategy 2007-2008

Derek Hird

Presentation Outline

  • Introduction

  • FCA Calendar Concept

  • Ocean Waves Sunglasses

  • Alpen Optics

  • Website Development

  • Oil and Gas Companies

  • Automobile Manufacturers

  • Canadian Apparel

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Questions and Answers


  • In the short time that I have been on the FCA executive I have been working to achieve set goals outlined as per my position.

  • I have been in contact with some companies in regards to possible FCA sponsorship.

  • Plans have been developed to achieve set goals

  • Bids have been collected from outside sources to complete future FCA projects.

FCA Calendar Project

FCA Calendar Project

  • As some of you have read in informational e-mails the concept of the calendar has shifted slightly to bring the management of sales “In House”.

  • The funds generated by the calendar will still be set aside for athlete travel assistance.

FCA Calendar Con’t

  • While this concept has the potential for the generation of funds there is also the real potential for it to never turn a profit.

  • To have a better understanding of what the potential of this project is an initial pilot phase will occur to determine if the project is feasible.

FCA Calendar Con’t

  • Pilot project

    • The calendar will be advertised using a brochure included in the FCA clubs registration package.

    • The calendar will be advertised for the sale price of $16.99 down from the listed price of $19.99 on the FCA website.

    • Orders from the brochures will be taken by the FCA for the calendar.

    • The deadline for orders will be set as November 30, 2007

    • After the deadline orders will be tallied and a decision will be made as to the feasibility of the project

FCA Calendar Con’t

  • Results of Pilot Project

    • If potential profit is not recognized then the project will be cut loose.

    • If there is enough interest in the calendar to warrant a profit an initial run of calendars will occur.

Ocean Waves Sunglasses

Ocean Waves Sunglasses

  • I have been in touch with Peter Turner the Canadian representative of Ocean Waves Sunglasses to speak about potential sponsorship by his company.

Alpen Optics

Alpen Optics

  • Messages have been left for Vickie Gardner regarding FCA sponsorship.

Website Development

Website Development

  • Al Wills has done a spectacular job in recent years with designing and updating the FCA website.

  • However website development is crucial to the success of future marketing strategies

Website Develop. Con’t

  • The following websites are examples of websites that have been developed by other sports.

    • http://www.hockeycanada.ca/

    • http://www.volleyball.ca/

    • http://www.tenniscanada.com/tennis_canada/TC_Splash.htm

  • The Following websites are examples of the potential sponsors to the FCA in the future.

    • http://www.chevrolet.com/

    • http://www.encana.com/

    • http://www.oceanwaves.com/

Website Develop. Con’t

  • The main themes of the websites that we have previously viewed which I would like to see integrated into the FCA’s new website are.

    • New and current website design to align our website and image with other sports and potential sponsors.

    • Separation of English and French languages

    • Increased space available for sponsor advertising

    • Development of a Canadian National Archery Team website with biographies and pictures of athletes and substantial advertising space

Website Develop. Con’t

  • Bids have been collected from two established Canadian website development businesses.

    • Elite Designs

      • http://www.elitedesigns.ca/

    • Pronk Graphics

      • http:[email protected]/

Website Develop. Con’t

  • The bids from these two companies are as follows

    • Elite Designs

      • $3000 + tax for redesigning current website

      • $750 + tax for creating new National Team page

    • Pronk Graphics

      • $37,971.12 tax inc. + Studio Fees for redesigning current website

Oil and Gas Companies

Oil and Gas Companies

  • There is a great potential for sponsorship of the FCA by large oil companies.

  • Many of these companies will be approached after the development of the website and a clearer picture is available of what we have to offer these companies.

  • There has already been interest shown by one particular company in the potential of donating money to archery.

Automobile Manufacturers

Automobile Manufacturers

  • While the potential here is somewhat less than the potential for oil and gas sponsorship there is however some opportunity

  • Archery has been used recently to assist in advertising car sales

  • One contact has shown potential for this possibility

Canadian Apparel

Canadian Apparel

  • Overview

    • Over the past couple months I have been developing a business plan for the establishment of a clothing company

    • I am currently looking for a non-profit organization to partner with for this opportunity to work.

Canadian Apparel Con’t

  • Responsibilities of the FCA

    • To allow for the FCA logo to be placed on the products produced by the company

Canadian Apparel Con’t

  • Benefits to the FCA

    • Advertising of the organization to their specific target market group

    • A donation of a percentage of net profits made by the company to the FCA

Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies

  • The potential exists for the FCA to sub-contract out the responsibilities of marketing the FCA to a marketing agency.

    • I have not done a lot of research into this topic because the information has just been presented to me

Question and Answers

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