Medical professionals
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MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. Seminar Week Three Introduction to Health Sciences HS100. Ice breaker:.

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Medical professionals


Seminar Week Three

Introduction to Health Sciences HS100

Ice breaker

Ice breaker:

  • While we wait for class to start at the top of the hour, please share at least one key point that you learned in Unit 2 about your degree program and/or future career that you found to be very exciting!!

Technical support be prepared to ask for help

Technical Support….be prepared to ask for help!

If experiencing any technical difficulties, please call Technical Support at:


Instructor information

Instructor Information

Stacie Call RN MSN

Adjunct Professor

School of Health Sciences

Kaplan University

AIM: Callc16

Find me via Kaplan e-mail.

Kaplan writing center

Kaplan Writing Center

Medical professionals


  • What is it?

  • When do we use it?

  • How do I learn how to use it?

  • Writing Center

  • APA workshops monthly

Science center

Science Center

Science center1

Science Center

  • The Science Center currently offers the following services:

  • Science Tutor: Interactive tutoring sessions with tutors dedicated to the success of Kaplan students.

  • Q&A Science Center: Submit a question to a tutor.

  • Science Resources: Video lessons, worksheets, and weblinks on key topics available at any time.

  • Educational Opportunities: Information for students interested in the sciences.

  • Science Seminars: Each 30-60 minute seminar is designed around a specific topic and is hosted by a Science Center tutor or invited guest.

  • Science Course Descriptions

Professional traits

Professional traits

  • What traits will you need to do your job successfully?

  • Behavior Standards

Are there any questions or comments so far

Are there any questions or comments so far?

Questions comments


Have a great rest of the week

Have a great rest of the week!!

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