The battle with grendel
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The Battle with Grendel PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Battle with Grendel. Part 3. The Battle with Grendel. Line 270 reminds us again of the _______________________ with the idea that Grendel was “bearing God’s hatred.”

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The Battle with Grendel

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The Battle with Grendel

Part 3

The Battle with Grendel

  • Line 270 reminds us again of the _______________________with the idea that Grendel was “bearing God’s hatred.”

  • The poet uses __________when he gives inanimate objects personal characteristics, such as line 289’s “His heart laughed…”

  • Line 293-5 gives us a blatant example of ____________________“but fate, that night, intended Grendel to gnaw the broken bones of his last human supper.”

The Battle with Grendel

  • In line 296,“Human eyes were watching his evil steps,” shows us that the _____were not sleeping, but rather were ____________Grendel.

  • “death and Grendel’s great teeth came together, snapping life shut” in lines 302-4 is an example of figurative language, specifically a _________ comparing death and Grendel’sbite.

  • Lines 309 give us two examples of ________ .

The Battle with Grendel

  • Lines 312-5 tell us that Grendel isn’t ______at all, but had been relying on his strength and power to dominate the _______.

  • Lines 321-5 show what a coward he is!

  • Line 327 tells us that “The Danes shook with terror…” How does this explain why Beowulf wanted to fight Grendel with only his men?

The Battle with Grendel

  • Anglo-Saxon heroes were supposed to be larger than life... How do lines 328-9 apply this quality to Beowulf?

  • How do lines 357-363 tell us why Beowulf didn’t want to use weapons to fight Grendel?

  • “Trying to open a path for his evil soul” in line 358-9 is figurative language that tells us the warriors were trying to _____him.

The Battle with Grendel

  • Lines 364-7 is another example of ______________, which tells us who is going to win the battle, Beowulf.

  • Line 367 is a little like Catholic scare tactics; it reinforces the idea that hell is filled with ___________who will torture you according to your _________________.

  • According to lines 373-7, how did Grendel escape, but Beowulf still win the battle?

The Battle with Grendel

  • I want you to evaluate why Beowulf hung Grendel’s arm from the ceiling. Is it necessary? Is it a worthy thing for a hero to do or a symbol of hubris?

  • Lines 412-5 give us a nice example of alliteration. Which letter is repeated?

  • Line 420 is an example of hyperbole. What is the difference between hyperbole and overstatement?

The Battle with Grendel

  • Summarize (give the highlights or main ideas) the last lines of this section, 396-420.

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