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Chapter 1. Study Guide. 1. What is one theory how early people migrated from Asia to the Americans?. They walked across the bridge. 2. What is one theory why early people migrated from Asia to America?. The hunters followed the animals.

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Study Guide

1. What is one theory how early people migrated from Asia to the Americans?

They walked across the bridge

2. What is one theory why early people migrated from Asia to America?

The hunters followed the animals

3. How did early Americans get food during the Ice Age?

They hunted the animals

4. Where did most people live during the Ice Age?

Wherever food was found.

5. What did the people do when the animals died out?

They became hunter-gathers

6. How did agriculture (farming) help change the way of life?

They settled in one place.

7. What did we learned about the Mound Builders for being able to build such enormous structures?

They were well organized

8. Why were the mounds built?

Burial places for important chiefs

9. Who traveled from Asia to America and stayed near the Arctic Ocean?

The Inuit

10. What do we know about the Anasazi?

They were the first to use irrigation, grew corn, squash, beans, and pumpkins, and were known as the “Cliff Dwellers”

11. How did the Anasazi become successful farmers in the desert?

They dug ditches to carry water from streams to their crops.

12. What do we know about the Inuit?

They hunted walruses, they developed the kayak, and they built igloos.

13. In which area were the Maya extremely successful?


14. What was the result of the Mayas food surplus?

They began to specialize.

15. What did the Mayan study of the sun, moon, and stars develop?

A calendar

16. How did the Aztecs get more land for farming?

They created floating gardens, carved terraces into hillsides, and developed irrigation systems.

17. How did the Aztecs extend their borders to reach from the Atlantic to the pacific Oceans?

By conquering other people.

Compare the Mayas, the Aztecs, and the Incas.

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