Egyptian art
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Egyptian Art. The Nile. The Desert. Palette of Narmer (c. 3,000 B.C.). Egyptian Painting . The Afterlife. Began as great mounds of earth “ mastaba ” Arabic for “bench”. Architecture: Tombs . Imhotep. King Zoser’s ( Djoser ) “stepped Pyramid”, Saqqara. The Great Pyramid of Kheops.

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Egyptian Art

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Egyptian art

Egyptian Art

The nile

The Nile

The desert

The Desert

Palette of narmer c 3 000 b c

Palette of Narmer (c. 3,000 B.C.)

Egyptian painting

Egyptian Painting

The afterlife

The Afterlife

Architecture tombs

Began as great mounds of earth

“mastaba” Arabic for “bench”

Architecture: Tombs



King zoser s djoser stepped pyramid saqqara

King Zoser’s (Djoser) “stepped Pyramid”, Saqqara

The great pyramid of kheops

The Great Pyramid of Kheops

Khephren s sphinx

Khephren’s Sphinx

The three pyramids

The Three pyramids

King mycerinus and khamerernebty

King Mycerinus and Khamerernebty

  • Permanence

  • Stiff, perfect, formal

  • Idealism

Dark age to new kingdom

C. 1570 B.C. Egyptians cast off invaders

Geographical expansion

Brilliance in arts

Maintained stiff, formal, idealistic style

Dark Age to New KIngdom

Amenhotep iv

Amenhotep IV

  • New interest in life (as opposed to afterlife)

  • Depicted with imperfections

  • Becomes more personal

  • Emotions and personality

  • Realism


Egypt conquered by Assyrians, Persians, Alexander the Great, the Romans

Became part of the Byzantine Empire

642 A.D. became part of the Islamic world


Egyptian art1

Beauty influenced every foreign culture that came into contact with it

Prized throughout Western world

Styles completely characteristic and immediately recognizable

Egyptian art

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