what is surface ozone
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What is Surface Ozone?

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What is Surface Ozone? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Surface Ozone?. Ozone occurs naturally in Earth’s atmosphere wherever sunlight or chemical reactions break apart oxygen molecules (O 2 ) [O 2 ] + [O]  [O 3 ]

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what is surface ozone
What is Surface Ozone?
  • Ozone occurs naturally in Earth’s atmosphere wherever sunlight or chemical reactions break apart oxygen molecules (O2)

[O2] + [O]  [O3]

  • Most of the ozone in the atmosphere is in the stratosphere, 8 to 50 km above the Earth’s surface
    • Screens out the most of the sun\'s harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Ozone near the surface is a problem
    • Reacts strongly with surfaces, including living tissue and inorganic structures.
why measure surface ozone concentration
Why Measure Surface Ozone Concentration?
  • Ozone is a major product of air pollution and globally its abundance is unknown
  • The amount of ozone present affects many other trace gases in the air
  • Knowing the amount of ozone helps assess the degree to which it is an environmental problem
how to measure surface ozone
How to Measure Surface Ozone
  • Use a chemical test-strip that changes color in the presence of ozone
  • Expose the chemical test-strip to outside airfor one hour
  • Read the test-strip using a hand-held scanner
  • The unit of measurement is a part per billion
  • Cloud conditions, wind direction and current atmosphere temperature must also measured to help data interpretation
  • Knowing relative humidity is helpful as well
significant values
Significant Values
  • Average concentrations range from almost 0 ppb to over 150 ppb depending on time of year and geographic location
  • In extremely polluted conditions ozone can reach 200 ppb and more
  • Levels of surface ozone exceeding 80 ppb for 8 hours or longer are considered harmful for most living things