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Automating spe extractions with the ht400e system
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Automating SPE Extractions with the HT400E System. by William Amoyal Disruptive Technologies. Disruptive Technologies history. Distribution company founded in 2005 Based in Villecresnes, France Cover France, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries depending on product range

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Automating SPE Extractions with the HT400E System

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Automating spe extractions with the ht400e system

Automating SPE Extractions with the HT400E System


William Amoyal

Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technologies history

Disruptive Technologies history

Distribution company founded in 2005

Based in Villecresnes, France

Cover France, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries depending on product range

Agilent Service Partner for UV/Vis spectrophotometry, HPLC and CE

2 people

William Amoyal, Sales Manager

Franck Do Vale, Service Manager

Disruptive technologies product range

Sample Preparation

Nucleic acides, protein and small molecules extraction from hard-to-lyse tissue samples

Online SPE system (couples with LCMS)


Dissolution baths, friability and disintegration instruments

Physico Chemistry

HT Log P and pKa analyzer

HT oligonucleotides purity analyzer

HT proteins analyzer

HT DNA analyzer

HT Chiral analyzer

Kinetic solubility instruments


Agilent Channel Partner to service their range of HPLC, UV Spectroscopy and CE

Rapid microbiology with Micro PRO


OPLC chromatography solutions for semi preparative applications (OPLC systems, pumps, sample applicator, video imaging and densitometry instruments, reagent sprayer.

Spotter for MALDI and tissue MALDI imaging

ELSD detectors

Type-C silica hydride HPLC columns Flat sorbent beds for OPLC

Accessories and consumables for CE and HPLC

Validation kits for HPLC systems

Disruptive Technologies product range

Benefits of ht400e system

Benefits of HT400E system

  • Reliable

    • Based on reliable technology of HTA autosampler already used by Agilent, Shimadzu, Perkin etc ... In their GC systems

  • Reproducible

    • Very low CV% inter-assay <2,5%

  • Flexible

    • Accepts many types of SPE cartridge, sample and target vials

  • User friendly

    • Intuitive “drag-and-drop” software

  • Competitive Price

    • Highest cost-to-performance SPE system available on the market

Ht400e system with cooling unit

HT400E system with cooling unit

Main features of ht400e system

Main features of HT400E system

  • Can be used as an SPE system or HPLC autosampler

  • 20/29 samples max per tray

  • 4 solvents available (more on request – max 11)

  • Syringe and needle washing

  • Software manager QUICK-PREP

  • Sample tray Peltier cooling unit (optional)

Sample tray configurations

Sample tray configurations

  • 20/29 samples per TRAY

  • Sample volume: ∞ ml

  • SPE

    • 1ml , 3ml standard

    • 6 ml optional

  • Target Volume:

    • 2 ml

    • 4 ml

  • Syringe:

    • 1 ml

    • 2.5 ml

  • Other on request

Ideal workflow

Ideal workflow

  • Cartridge activation

    • Volume, n. of solvent, n. of cycles

  • Cartridge drying

    • # of cycles

  • Sample loading

    • Volume, # of cycles

  • Sample washing

    • Volume, # of solvent, # of cycles

  • Elution

    • Volume, # of solvent, # of cycles, different target vials

  • Reagent addition

    • Volume, # of reagent, different target vials

  • Washing syringe and needle

    • # of cycles

  • Post-washing cartridge to re-use it

Easy to use quick prep software

Easy-to-use Quick-Prep software

  • Drag-and-drop software

    • Tools such as Draw, Dispense, Mixing, Elution, Drying, Cartridge Picking, Cartridge Carry, Injection, Valve Washing, Cartridge Conditioning etc ... can be dragged and dropped in method making it possible to write methods in minutes

  • Easy and intuitive software

  • Easy set-up of the workstation (WorkTable)

  • Easy-write work-up process (WorkFlow)

  • Possibility to link methods

Application examples and results

Application examples and results

  • The following evaluation has been made using the VMA kit of Chromsystems

  • The procedure has been as requested by Chromsystems protocol

Chromatogramme of vma separation

Chromatogramme of VMA separation

Reproducibility of vma separation

Reproducibility of VMA separation

Carry over on pathological control

Carry-over on pathological control

Pathological Control

Carry over on water

Carry-over on water




For more information on ht400e system

For more information on HT400E system

  • To see a video, click on picture besides in Diaporama mode or copy following URL in your browser

  • To download a brochure click on or copy following URL

    HT400E SPE system brochure

Contact details at disruptive technologies

Contact details at Disruptive Technologies


William Amoyal, Sales Manager

Disruptive Technologies

3 Allée des Camélias

94440 Villecresnes

Mobile: +33 (0)6 98 64 98 81



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