Doing business with visitscotland
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Doing Business with VisitScotland. Doing Business with VisitScotland. Introduction Overview of Procurement Procedures in VisitScotland Types of Goods and Services Required by VisitScotland Business Opportunities and Winning Years Q&A. Doing Business With VisitScotland. Introduction

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Doing Business with VisitScotland


Overview of Procurement Procedures in VisitScotland

Types of Goods and Services Required by VisitScotland

Business Opportunities and Winning Years


Doing Business With VisitScotland

  • Introduction

  • VisitScotland markets Scotland to the world through international and UK campaigns, directed by a strategy designed to maximise the economic impact on Scotland's economy.

  • VisitScotland operate 20 schemes to promote quality and maintain standards among tourism establishments. Over 9,000 businesses a year participate in one of the VisitScotland Quality Assurance Schemes.

  • Our network of over 120 properties including 100 VisitScotland Information Centres provides a valuable service to both visitors and opportunities for businesses.

Doing Business With VisitScotland

  • Overview of Procurement Procedures in VisitScotland

  • Universal Principles of the Procurement processes;

  • largely unchanged over time

    • Specification

    • Willing Seller to a Willing Buyer

    • Acceptable Price

    • Agreeable Delivery date

    • The right Location

    • Payment terms

    • Followed up with Satisfaction survey - two way

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Doing Business With VisitScotland

VisitScotland Tendering levels

  • Where there is no existing collaborative contracts, VisitScotland will advertise all requirements above £50k on Public Contracts Scotland and if applicable in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)

  • Medium value contract ranging from £10k up to £50k will be competed via Public Contracts Scotland Quick Quote Portal

  • Low value contracts of up to £10k may be competed using Quick Quote or awarded using the market knowledge of the user/procuring department

  • Tender award criteria Value for Money

  • VisitScotland are a signatory to the Scottish Government Suppliers’ Charter.

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Doing Business With VisitScotland

VisitScotland’s main areas of spend are;

  • Marketing and Advertising Services £13,500,000

  • Sports Management & Promotion £ 1,200,000

  • Estates including Rent, Rates, Utilities £ 3,500,000

  • Market Research £ 750,000

  • Information Technology £ 550,000

Doing Business With VisitScotland

  • Opportunities that Lie Ahead – 1

  • How prepared is your Company?

  • Lead in time for activities – don’t leave it too late

  • Is your business geared up for - The Winning Years?

    • Natural Scotland 2013

    • Commonwealth Games 2014

    • Ryder cup 2014

    • Homecoming 2014

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Doing Business With VisitScotland

Opportunities that Lie Ahead – 2

Are you a ‘well kept secret’?

  • Cold calling - multi approach to business engagement

  • It’s not always about the main contracts

    • Sub-contracting opportunities

    • Contracts by association - e.g. large construction works

      • The birth of the ‘latte and bacon roll to go’ entrepreneur

    • Need to analyse advertised contracts ‘what could be in this for me?’

    • Dependability - Not just any old Tuesday!

    • Tracking

      • You- track us

      • We report success to Scot Gov, LAs, etc

      • We track you

  • Importance of Corporate Reputation and Social Responsibility

    • ‘How good is my driving?’

Doing Business With VisitScotland

  • Scottish Government Supplier Development Programme

    • Focus on SME’s - Community Benefits

    • Don’t constrain opportunities to public sector

    • ‘It’s good to network

    • Consortium opportunities

    • E-mail training for the Terrified