Cooling datacentres and a other stuff
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Cooling datacentres and a other stuff. Ole Kjærgaard Technical Director, Mail: [email protected] First some facts. UNI•C - Danish IT Centre for Education and Research

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Cooling datacentres and a other stuff

Cooling datacentres and a other stuff

Ole Kjærgaard

Technical Director,

Mail: [email protected]

First some facts
First some facts

UNI•C - Danish IT Centre for Education and Research

  • UNI•C is an agency under the Danish Ministry of Education. UNI•C delivers a variety of IT services to the educational and research communities. More than one million users regularly benefit from UNI•C’s services and products.

  • UNI•C has more than 300 employees, and offices in Copenhagen, Lyngby and Aarhus.

Our green approach
Our green approach

  • The datacentre (approx. 1.500 sqm.)

  • Finding power consuming devices

  • Awareness campaigns

  • Intelligent houses

The datacentre
The datacentre

  • Optimizing air-flow

    • Cold and hot aisles

    • Placing down-flow units

  • Optimizing cooling machines

    • Free cooling

    • Controlling the cooling machines

  • Use IT equipment with low power consumption

  • Remember to turn off old equipment

  • Virtualize

  • Know your power consumption

Cooling machines
Cooling machines

  • Free cooling

  • Intelligent control

Increase water temp.

Cooling in the datacentre
Cooling in the datacentre

Increase air temp.

Placing down-flow units

Power usage effectiveness pue
Power Usage Effectiveness - PUE

  • PUE is the total power consumption in the datacentre (incl. UPS, cooling etc.) divided by the consumption from the IT equipment. A typical value in older datacentres is a PUE-value between 2,0 and 2,5. PUE=2 means that for each Watt spend on the IT equipment, another Watt is used in UPS, cooling etc.

What is your power consumption
What is your power consumption?

  • The IT guys do typically not know the power consumption in the data centre

  • The power bill is normally paid by the ones responsible for rent, cleaning etc.

  • But this is not the case at UNI•C…

Example heat)

  • Which machine has the highest stand-by consumption?

Results… heat)

  • Printers

    • Xerox multifunction (daytime) 93 W

    • HP Color 4700 17 W

    • HP Color 3700 14 W

    • HP S/H 2200 11 W

  • Mailing/postage machine 7 W

  • Fax 37 W

Awareness campaigns
Awareness campaigns heat)

  • Buy some (good) energy meters

    • Distribute them!

My office pc
My office PC heat)

  • Guess the power consumption?

The answer is
The answer is… heat)

  • 140 W

  • Remember to turn the PC off at the end of each working day

  • Do not use screensavers with pcitures on the screen (NO flying windows…)

  • Use remote desktop/terminal servers for home/remote work

Intelligent houses
Intelligent houses heat)

  • Connecting light and access control/alarm

  • Use standby functions (Coffee makers, printers etc)

  • Simple things (on/off timers)

  • Motion detectors

  • Light sensors

General considerations
General considerations heat)

  • Think CO2 instead of energy consumption

  • Use green energy when possible

  • Manufacturing also contribute to CO2

    • 30% of the total CO2 emission from a car during its entire life comes from the production…

What do you do
What do you do?? heat)

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