Integrating drr into the cca undaf process introduction of new guide
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Integrating DRR into the CCA/UNDAF Process Introduction of new guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrating DRR into the CCA/UNDAF Process Introduction of new guide. Background. UN 1997 reform agenda stresses challenges and new developments – including growing levels of disaster risk .

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  • UN 1997 reform agenda stresses challenges and new developments – including growing levels of disaster risk.

  • Since late 1990s a number of international commitments to DRR made including: NB increasing focus away from just humanitarian

    • UN Millennium Declaration

    • General Assembly (since 2004)

    • Johannesburg Programme of Implementation

    • Bali Action Plan

    • Hyogo Framework for Action


  • 2007 UNSG’s Policy Committee made specific recommendation on DRR and climate change agreeing on three decisions centred on:

    • The importance of raising greater, political attention/advocacy on benefits of DRR & consequences of not investing in it;

    • To commit the UN to enhance links between DRR and climate change agendas; and

    • To promote the better mainstreaming of DRR and the HFA into the UN system’s policies and practices.

  • UNDG Task-team established under PG.

Integrating drr into cca undaf
Integrating DRR into CCA/UNDAF

  • Integrating DRR in CCA and UNDAF process is...

    • an important stepping stone towards integrating DRR into national level development

    • an important sign of the UNCTs political commitment for risk reduction

    • an opportunity to increase likely success of country programmes in risk prone countries.

Purpose of the guidance note
Purpose of the Guidance Note

  • An annex to the core (2009) CCA/UNDAFguide.

  • Intended to support UNCTs embarking on CCA/UNDAF in countries where disaster risk is an important challenge development.

  • Targeted at UN but also of interest to other stakeholders providing helpful guidance on integrating DRR into broader development analysis, strategic planning and programming.

  • Close relationship between DRR & climate change adaptation means also of use when working on climate change issues.

Draft guidance structure
Draft Guidance – Structure

  • Introduction - overview of relationship between disasters and development & key commitments made by the international community to DRR.

  • Part 1 - role of the UNCT in DRR & how DRR relates to the CCA/UNDAF key principles of engagement.

  • Part 2 - how DRR issues can be effectively captured in country level analysis (including in the CCA).

  • Part 3 - how DRR can be incorporated into the preparation of the UNDAF – should it be a cross-cutting issue or separate pillar or both?

  • Part 4how to develop qualitative and quantitative indicators for the effective monitoring and evaluation of DRR efforts.

Draft guidance objectives
Draft Guidance – Objectives

  • Guidelines will enable UNCTs to:

    • Analyse disaster risk– root causes of disasters & why/how they can/do impact on communities/ sectors/assets & how they are likely to be impacted by climate change .

    • Review how disaster risk interacts w. development– a two way relationship.

    • Examine national capacities and risk reduction options – tobetter protect lives, livelihoods and assets.

    • Identify priorities for intervention.

    • Agreed on the most appropriate areas of UNCT support.

    • Include DRR as an integral element in M&E.

Draft guidance some critical elements
Draft Guidance – some critical elements

  • The guide unpacks how DRR relates to five main UNDAF principles

    • human rights based approach;

    • gender equality;

    • environmental sustainability;

    • results based management; and

    • capacity development.

  • Climate change adaptation considered as a cross-cutting issue.

  • Gives examples of critical questions to be asked when looking at how sectors are/should address DRR.

  • Contains useful annexes including practical examples.

Critical issues
Critical Issues

  • Disasters are not an issue for every UNCT.

  • Risk is not static… to climate change – today’s disaster free country may face future threats…

  • Thinking about risk beyond…

    • Humanitarian (response).

    • Hazard (physical threat) – not just a scientific issue.

  • Supporting a more strategic national approach.

  • 2009-2011 UNDAF roll-out – majority of countries face high-levels of disaster risk.