1781 1789
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1781-1789. ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION. When? . 1781 to 1789  Middle of the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) the first constitution of the United States was constructed. . Why?.

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1781 1789



Articles of confederation


  • 1781 to 1789 Middle of the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) the first constitution of the United States was constructed.

Articles of confederation


  • Colonists realized that a more permanent form of central government was needed to bring together the new states and win the war

Articles of confederation


  • each state had onedelegate help write it

  • All 13 states had to agree to it.

Washington crosses the delaware

Washington crosses the Delaware…

The first move in a surprise attack against the Hessian forces at Trenton, New Jersey in the Battle of Trenton.

Weaknesses of the articles

Weaknesses of the Articles…

1. Weak central government; Unicameral (one house)

2. Each state only had one vote

3. 9 states needed to pass any law

4. All 13 colonies needed to agree to change Articles

5. No executive branch (no president)

6. Congress could not levy taxes

7. Congress could not raise an army

Weaknesses of the articles1

Weaknesses of the Articles…

  • Central government had no authority over


  • Each state coined its own money

    10. States could negotiate separate with

    foreign nations and Indians

    11. No national court system to settle disputes

Major weakness shay s rebellion

Major Weakness!!SHAY’S REBELLION

  • Massachusetts's farmer refuses to pay government issued tax on land/ farmers rise up

  • Due to lack of national military, state militias reluctantly called up to put down rebellion

  • Significance: caused Founding Fathers to reconvene for Constitutional Convention to revise the Articles of Confederation



  • States gained independence and negotiated a favorable treaty

  • Unified all states, Northwest Ordinance, 1787 system to organize territory and add states

Northwest territory

Northwest Territory

Northwest ordinance papers

Northwest Ordinance papers



  • The original ordinance, written by Thomas Jefferson, divided the territory into self-governing districts and set population requirements for statehood.

  • The final ordinance, written partly by Rufus King, set land-grant sizes and prices, provided public land for schools, outlawed slavery, and guaranteed civil liberties.

  • It established the principle of admitting new states on equal terms with the original 13 states.

What do think will happen when americans start moving out to the west

What do think will happen when Americans start moving out to the West?

  • Manifest Destiny

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