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What is henna night
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WHAT IS HENNA NIGHT?. WHAT IS HENNA NIGHT?. Traditionally (in Turkey , at least ), henna night , or  ‘ kina gecesi’ is a women's party that usually takes place the night before the wedding . The bride's closest friends and female family members gather to

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What is henna night


What is henna night1


  • Traditionally(in Turkey, at least),

  • hennanight, or ‘kina gecesi’ is a

  • women'spartythatusuallytakes

  • placethenightbeforethewedding.

  • Thebride'sclosestfriendsand

  • femalefamilymembersgatherto

  • eat, dance, andsing. Sometimes

  • groomjoins.Theycrysometimes but

  • suddenlythey can start dancing. It is

  • socomplicated. But it is an important

  • nightforeveryonefor sure.

What is henna night

  • Theyturnaroundthebridewiththehennatray.The

  • bride'sauntgloatshennato her hand.But shedoesn’t

  • openher hand.Theauntasks ‘whydon’tyouopen

  • yourhand ?’ Then her mother-in-law put a goldcoin

  • in her handsothatthebrideopens her hand. After

  • puttingsomehenna in themiddle of her hand, they

  • put thecoin on it andthencover it with a special

  • glove. Thentheothers can put henna on theirown

  • hands. Thelovelyorangestain it leaves on their

  • handsstaysforweeks.

What is henna night

  • Traditionally, andstillformanyhennaceremoniesthegirls start with ‘yüksek yüksek tepelere’ songwhich is a verysadsongandturnaroundthebridedancingslowly. But shedoesn’tdance.Shesitsduringtheceremony. Afterthat her motherand her mother-in-lawdancewiththe ‘harmandalı’ songthen her sistersand her sisters-in-lawjointhem.Theydancetogether. But thatnightdoesn’tgo on withonlysadsongs.THeguestsandrelativesandalsothebridedanceallnightlongafterthehenna is gloated.

What is henna night

  • It is a sort of melancholicevening. Becausethefollowingday, thebridewillleave her father'shouse, whereshe has livedall her life, to start her new life in her husband'shouse. Thesongthat is sungespecially at hennanightswhichdemonstratesthemelancholy. It is called "Yuksek Tepelere". (Tothehighesthills)You can hearthemusichere:

What is henna night

Theyshouldn'tbuildhomeshighup in thehills



May thebirdscarrythemessage

I missmymother


I missmyvillage

What is henna night

Ifmyfather had a horse, he couldjump on it andcome

Ifmymother had a sail, shecouldopen it andcome

Ifmysiblingsknewtheway, theycouldcome

May thebirdscarrythemessage

I missmymother


I missmyvillage

What is henna night

It'squite a sadsong. Thosewerethedaysthatnoone had a phone, the internet etc. togetnewsfromeachother. That’swhythebride in thesong is sosad as shewouldn’t be abletosee her parentswhenevershewanted.

What to wear


Usuallytheywear a ‘Bindallı’. It is a traditionalcostume. Itreflectseverytingaboutthebride: Her sadness, her happines, her love, her familyandetc. Probablyshethinksabouttheseallnight. Also it reflectstheTurkishtradition. Itsummarizeseverythingabout us.Itcomesfromourancestors.It has a lot of redaccesories.Mostly it is a linenorvelvetrobeornatedwithgiltbranches, leavesandflowers. It has glittereddetails on it. EveryTurkishgirlwantstowear it becausewhenyouwear it youfeellike a bride.

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