icecube dust loggers
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IceCube Dust Loggers

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IceCube Dust Loggers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IceCube Dust Loggers. Kurt Woschnagg, Ryan Bay Physics Department, UC Berkeley Instrumentation Session IceCube Collaboration Meeting Bartol, March 2004. Borehole Dust-Logger. First-generation logger (mechanically drilled hole). Field Tested Pole-to-Pole. A dust logger in Greenland.

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icecube dust loggers
IceCube Dust Loggers

Kurt Woschnagg, Ryan Bay

Physics Department, UC Berkeley

Instrumentation Session

IceCube Collaboration Meeting

Bartol, March 2004

borehole dust logger
Borehole Dust-Logger

First-generation logger

(mechanically drilled hole)

field tested pole to pole
Field Tested Pole-to-Pole

A dust logger in Greenland

A dust logger in Antarctica

record of northern climate variations at gisp2 greenland ice sheet project 3054 meters
Record of Northern climate variations at GISP2(Greenland Ice Sheet Project, 3054 meters)

Dust logger data

Dust in ice core

Temperature record from ice core

motivations for an optical dust logger in icecube
Motivations for an optical dust logger in IceCube
  • Constrain horizontal variations
  • Improve depth resolution of ice model
    • Currently ~10 m using in situ OMs
    • Volcanic ash?
  • Bonus science

(à la RICE, acoustic detectors, etc.)

A hole in the ice is a valuable commodity





dust layers dominate ice properties
Dust layers dominate ice properties


Variations in

optical properties

correlate with…

…dust in

ice cores.

volcanic ash at south pole
Volcanic ash at South Pole
  • ~500 miles from SDM; altitude 3× as high
  • Known to exist

Palais, J. M. et al.,

GRL (1992)

Cole-Dai, J. et al.,

Ann. Glaciol. (1999)

ash bands can improve simulations
Ash bands can improve simulations

Thin, extremely absorbing

ash bands introduced

“Standard” ice description

Zcog = depth (z) of center-of-gravity for reconstructed muon tracks

Analysis by Marek Kowalski

  • Continuous laser, signal integration: 10 ms – 1 s
  • Sampling rate: ~50 Hz
  • Located at bottom of string, between weights (TBD)
  • Centered in hole, unobstructed view
  • 4 service-wire pairs from lowest breakout (@DOM59)
  • Connectors TBD
  • Readout during deployment (only)

→ slipring connection

  • Stand-alone DAQ or Integrated into deployment/drill
  • Irregular walls will degrade data quality
  • Dust log requires real-time depth readout

→ Pick-off deployment pressure

  • Must not jeopardize deployment
    • Time limit
    • No retrieval once drop (lowering!) begins
  • Slower rate (factor 2) through instrumented ice?

Normal drop speed (15m/min): ~1 hour

plan for icecube dust loggers
Plan for IceCube dust loggers
  • Total of 9 loggers

- one in each of the six corners

- three inside array

(one of these at AMANDA center for cross- calibration with AMANDA dust profile)

  • First dust logger in first season (04/05, PY03)
  • Then two per season
  • Built & operated by UCB (at least first few)
  • Dust loggers are crucial calibration devices
  • Need to get one in early
  • Have experience, will travel