Using Linux in Windows Environments

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Why?. StabilityPriceConvenienceFlexibility. What Can I Do?. File and Print SharingDesktop Operating SystemEmail Server with Spam FilterFirewall and Web ProxyDatabase ServerWeb/Application Server. File and Print Sharing. Standard workload of most serversWorks with LDAP, Active Directory, NT4

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Using Linux in Windows Environments

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1. Using Linux in Windows Environments Dave Weis Internet Solver, Inc

2. Why? Stability Price Convenience Flexibility

3. What Can I Do? File and Print Sharing Desktop Operating System Email Server with Spam Filter Firewall and Web Proxy Database Server Web/Application Server

4. File and Print Sharing Standard workload of most servers Works with LDAP, Active Directory, NT4 RPC, and Linux authentication Authenticate Windows desktops to a Linux server Authenticate Linux desktops to a Windows server

5. Desktop Operating System Web Browser Email Client Office Suite

6. Email Server with Spam Filter POP and IMAP Spam Filtering Virus Filtering

7. Firewall and Web Proxy Squid Proxy iptables

8. Database Server Commercial: Oracle, Sybase Free: Postgres, MySQL, Ingres

9. Web/Application Server Java PHP .net (Really!)

10. File Server Example Current server is low on disk space, configure a Linux server with fast and inexpensive SATA drives Attach Linux server to current Windows Active Directory infrastructure Instant storage with no ongoing administration and no CALs

11. From default installation of Fedora Core Linux: Run system-config-authentication and enable Winbind and SMB authentication Enter your AD server name Edit Samba server configuration file [global] workgroup = DEMO realm = DEMO.INTERNETSOLVER.COM idmap uid = 10000-20000 idmap gid = 10000-20000 template shell = /bin/bash template homedir = /home/%D/%U winbind enum users = yes winbind enum groups = yes password server = encrypt passwords = yes Thats it.

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